Computer Labs & Locations

General Lab:

Photo of the Red Lab

Red Lab: Healey Library, Upper Level, Room 015

Other Public Labs:

Healey Library, 2nd FL (behind Healey cafe) 
Healey Library, 4th FL 
Healey Library 8th FL

Specialized Labs:

ACL Lab: Healey Library, Upper Level, Room 0031
GRC Lab: Healey Library, 5th FL, Room 0025

Computer Labs as classroom:

Photo of the Blue Lab

Blue Lab: Healey Library, 3rd FL, Room 009F (capacity 36)

Photo of the White Lab
White Lab: Healey Library, 3rd FL, Room 009E (capacity 21)

Photo of the Gold Lab

Gold Lab: Healey Library, UL, Room 0041 (capacity 24) 

Photo of the Purple Lab
Purple Lab: Healey Library, UL, Room 0042 (capacity 24)

Photo of the Green Lab
Green Lab: Healey Library, UL, Room 0028 (capacity 30) 

Photo of Mac Lab A
Mac Lab A: Healey Library, UL, Room 0030 (capacity 18) 

Photo of Mac Lab C
Mac Lab C: Healey Library, UL, Room 0029 (capacity 24)

Taylor Labs: McCormack, 3rd FL, Room 136

Bookings & Special Requests 

To book the computer labs, please visit our Bookit Website.

To request software, please fill out our software request form


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