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What is the Virtual Computer Lab (VCL)?

UMass Boston provides a remote access service that allows you to reserve a computer image with a desired set of applications, and remotely access it over the Internet. The Virtual Computer Lab (VCL) contains a number of images for use on/off campus to allow students, faculty and staff access to software, which may not be available due to class scheduling in our computer labs.

You can access the VCL by using any browser of your choice: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Type the following URL -

The current images available are:

Library Red Lab Software supported by IT and available in the Red lab on campus
Microsoft Office 2010 MS Office 2010, Excel-Solver, Acrobat Pro & Windows 7 OS
Modeler 15 Professor Peng Xu's
MSIS 301 Professor Daniel Shimshak's course
VCL Adaptive Computer Lab 3 Adaptive Technology Software
MATLAB + 17 Toolboxes A high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming
Visual Basic/Studio Visual Studio 2010

As a faculty or staff member if you plan to use the service and software you require is not currently available as a virtual image, you may request creation of an image by sending an email to the General Use Lab Manager - . Once contacted you will need to bring your software along with proper licensing to one of the network administrators at least 3 weeks prior to the time you plan to use it for your class.

You will need to determine if your software is networkable based on your license agreement as well as specify the operating system required. We are not supporting demos and CDs supplied with course materials at this time.

Once you have arranged for the creation of your software image, testing of your software is your responsibility. We require testing of your image be completed before it is sent to UMass Dartmouth for uploading to the VCL.

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Connect to the VCL System

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