Information Technology

Students - Logging on to the UMass Boston Email System for the First Time

UMass Boston provides you with email (with 50 GB of storage), calendar, Microsoft Office apps (web based and on your computer or iPad), and 1,000 GB (1 TB) of document storage for you to use as long as you are an active student. In addition, your username and password give you access to WISER, Blackboard, Wi-Fi, Atomic Learning, and more. This page will get you started in just a few easy steps!  : )
  1. Your username will be mailed to you, either to your personal email address if you provided it to us, or to your home via U.S. mail. If you did not receive this letter, but you do know your student ID number (UMS number), you can look up your email address using our UMass Email Address Lookup Tool or you can contact the IT Service Desk.

    Your email address will be a combination of your legal first name and last name, a three digit number, and

    Your password will be in the following format: First letter of your last name (uppercase) + second letter of your last name (lowercase) + your date of birth in this format:  DD-Mon-YY (your date of birth in 2 digits - the first three letters of the month, beginning with a capital letter - the last two digits of your year of birth).  You must include the hyphens, as shown in the example below.

    Example: Sandy Beach, born Feb. 1, 1990, might have an email address of and an initial password of Be01-Feb-90

  2. Go to our self-service password management page at (there is also a link to this address on the webmail page in step 4, in the yellow box, or or you can click the Email link on the UMass Boston homepage, then click the link in the blue box).

    Review the password policy at the top and make sure the password you choose follows those guidelines. Click “Change my Password” to change your default password to a secure personal password. Log in with your username (just the part of your email address before the @) and default password.

    One the next screen, set up your profile (security questions). Select three security questions, and provide an answer for each. (Type in your own question for #3.) Be careful typing your answers, as the system does not show you what you are typing! Be sure to remember your answers. Without them there could be a significant delay in resetting your password in the future. Do not use answers people could find out on the internet: for instance, don't use your pet's name or your favorite flavor of ice cream if your Facebook page says "here is a picture of me and my dog Spike enjoying our favorite ice cream - pistachio!"

    Save your profile by clicking Update.

    These security questions can be used in the future with the "Reset My password" function if you forget your password or it expires. (Note: passwords expire after 180 days. You should receive a reminder email shortly before your password expires, but make a note of the date in case you do not.)
  3. Once you have saved your profile, enter your new password into the two boxes. Type carefully and enter the exact same thing into both boxes. When you are ready, click "Change Password."

    If you receive an error, your password may not be complex enough, or it may be a password you have used before or contains part of your name. Try changing a character to a number (zero for O, one for L, etc.) or pick a new password.

    Be sure to keep your password safe and do not share it. People who gain access to your account could use the information to steal your identity. For more on passwords, see Tips for Managing your Passwords.
  4. Go to and click on “Logon.” (You can also click the Email link on the UMass Boston home page, then click the link in the orange box.) Log in with your full UMass Boston email address (including the and new password you created in step 3.

    If you receive the error: Something went wrong. :-(
    This simply means that your mailbox has not been created yet due to a delay in the cloud. Try again in 60-90 minutes. You will still be able to use your username and password to access WISER.
  5. At the next screen, select the language you prefer for the email interface and choose the time zone you are in. We are at GMT–05:00 Eastern Standard Time (US and Canada). Save your choices and you will be taken to your inbox. For an introduction to the features of the system, see Start using Outlook Web App for email and calendars.

You should now be logged in to web mail. For an introduction to Office 365 web mail and its features, see Getting started in Outlook Web App for Office 365. You can use a mail program on your computer or mobile device to check your mail. See one of these guides from Microsoft for details.

If you would like to download Microsoft Office, this is the place to do it. See Microsoft Office for Students.

Remember to sign out when you're done by choosing "Sign out" from the menu that appears when you click your name. (Always log out of WISER, Blackboard, etc., when you have finished, as well, to protect your privacy and to make it easier to sign in next time.)

Remember, your password is as sensitive as your credit card information! Please do not give it away. Use it only on authorized UMass Boston services like webmail, WISER, Wi-Fi, and Blackboard.

More information

You can see full instructions for using the password change page at our Managing Your Password page.

You can use Microsoft Office web apps or download a copy of Microsoft office for your Mac or PC. Instructions here.

If you need further help, please call 617.287.5220. We are open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. summers) Monday through Friday, excluding holidays and times the Healey Library is closed.