Information Technology

How to Determine Your Exchange Server Address

With a move to the cloud, UMass Boston no longer has a single Exchange server. Before you can set up Outlook in Exchange mode, you will need to determine which Exchange server is hosting your account.

Log in to your UMass Boston email via web mail at with your UMass Boston email address (not first.last, your full email address) and password. Note that this is not the same address you may have used before for access your mail via the web. The first time you connect, you will need to do a basic setup (language and time zone).

Once you are in your UMass Boston email, look in the upper right hand corner for a small circle with a question mark (the help menu).

Choose About from this menu and a screen will appear with a large amount of information about your connection (see below). You are looking for the “Host name” which will be something like Make a note of this address, because you will need it to set up Outlook. Autodiscovery in Outlook will not work. Apple users need this address. Windows users should add "mailbox" before outlook, so in the example above the address would be