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Outlook 2011 for the Mac — Office 365 Setup

Following is a brief guide to setting up Outlook (Exchange mode) with the new Office 365 system at UMass Boston.

Remove your security certificate (if any)

f you installed a security certificate and do not remove it, recipients of your emails may receive a message telling them that the message was tampered with or corrupted. There may be other problems as we.. To remove the certificate from your system, follow these steps.

1. Go to Applications > Utilities and launch Keychain Access.

2. In the search box in the upper right corner of the Keychain Access window, type your email address.

3. In the “Kind” column of the search results, look for an item labeled “Certificate.”

4. Click on it and choose Edit > Delete. A dialog box will appear saying “Are you sure you want to delete (your name)?” Click Delete.

5. Quit Keychain Access.

Determining your Exchange Server

With a move to the cloud, UMass Boston no longer has a single Exchange server. Before you can set up Outlook in Exchange mode, you will need to determine which Exchange server is hosting your account.

Log in to your UMass Boston email via web mail at (note that this is not the same address you may have used before for access your mail via the web). The first time you connect, you will need to do a basic setup (language and time zone).

Once you are in your UMass Boston email, look in the upper right hand corner for a small circle with a question mark (the help menu). Choose About from this menu and a screen will appear with a large amount of information about your connection (see below). You are looking for the “Host name” which will be something like Make a note of this address, because you will need it to set up Outlook. Autodiscovery in Outlook will not work.

Image showing results of Help > About

Set up Outlook 2011

If it’s not already running, launch Outlook for Mac. Under the Tools menu, select “Accounts...” In the bottom left corner of the Accounts window, click on the arrow next to the Plus sign and select “Exchange...”

In the new window, enter your entire email address and select User Name and Password as your Authentication Method. Be sure to enter your entire email address in the User name field. (If you don’t enter the “” this will not work.) Enter your password and uncheck the “Configure Automatically” box.

In the Server field, enter the Host Name you gathered from the Webmail. Press Add Account. If everything worked correctly, when you are returned to the Accounts window, your account will be listed on the left, with a green dot next to it.

You should remove the saved password to make your account more secure.

Importing mail from Entourage

Once your Outlook is set up, you can import old mail from entourage. From the File menu, select “Import...” and select the source from which you are importing. Click continue.

Choose the version of Entourage from which you are importing. (You are probably NOT importing an archive.)

Continue. (If you are not sure about a type of item, go ahead and import it. Continue.)

If you have multiple Identities from which to choose, you should choose the identity that has been modified most recently. Continue.

If you get a warning about Outlook not supporting synchronization with all versions of Exchange, just agree.

Wait for the data to be imported.

If you have a lot of mail this could take a while. When it is done, press the Finish button.

More help

If you need further help, you can send email to or call (617) 287-5220. We are available from 8 a.m.  to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.