Information Technology

Removing a Security Certificate

Note: There is an issue resolving some security certificates in Office 365 web mail. This does not affect the message itself, which is still readable, but makes it impossible to verify the sender of the message. At this time we are recommending that people do not reinstall their security certificates after they upgrade to Office 365.

Windows users

You can do this by completing the following steps from within Outlook:

Microsoft Outlook 2010-2011

  • Go to File > Options > Trust Center > Trust… (button) > email security
  • Uncheck all boxes under “Encrypted Email”

Microsoft Outlook 2007

  • Go to Tools > Trust Center > E-mail Security
  • Uncheck all boxes under “Encrypted Email”

Mac users

Turn off digital signing in your email program.

Go to Applications > Utilities and launch Keychain Access.

  • In the search box in the upper right corner of the Keychain Access window, type your email address.
  • In the “Kind” column of the search results, look for an item labeled “Certificate.”
  • Click on it and choose Edit > Delete. A dialog box will appear saying “Are you sure you want to delete (your name)?” Click Delete.
  • Quit Keychain Access