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Office 365 Migration - What to Expect

The new UMass Boston email service will be Office 365 from Microsoft. In addition to greater storage space (quota) the migration to Office 365 will provide many other benefits to you and the University. However, there will be some preparation involved on your side before we can migrate your mailbox.

Before your Migration

Reduce your mailbox size as much as possible — under 100 MB if possible. The more items in your account, the slower the migration and the more risk there is of a problem. To see how much space your account is using on the server, right-click on your account (Windows) and choose “Properties.” On a Mac running Mail, control-click on the account name and choose “Account Info.” Delete emails you don’t need, move them to a PST file, etc. Creating a PST File. Check your Sent folder and remove unneeded emails there as well. (It may help you to sort your folders by size rather than by Date Received in order to group the larger messages together.) Remove old calendar entries, notes, and drafts. You can even move all your mail files to local files and then move them back later — just be sure to keep your PST files under 1 GB in size to avoid possible corruption issues.) When you have finished, empty your Deleted Items or Trash folders.

Prepare to be without your email during the migration. You will need to reconfigure your mail client after the migration, but will be able to use Office 365 web mail immediately (see below). Prepare to lose mail and calendar sharing if you and your colleague are not migrating together. If you share a mailbox or calendar with someone (delegation) you will not be able to do so until both of you have been migrated. We can arrange to migrate you and your delegate as close together as possible. Also, if you are a frequent user of the calendar for setting up meetings, note that the "free/busy" status of someone who has migrated is not available to someone who hasn't, and vice versa.

If you use a mobile device, you will need to reconfigure it. We have instructions on our web site for setting up most mobile devices. However, if you have a University-owned Blackberry, you will be migrated to an iPhone 4 since our Blackberry Enterprise Server will not be able to communicate with the Office 365 server.

During your migration

You will not be able to send or receive email from your UMass Boston email account or use your UMass Boston calendar during the migration process. (You will be able to read old emails if they are stored in PST files or cached in Outlook for “offline” reading.) The migration will take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours depending on how many items you have stored on the server. During the migration, mail sent to you will be stored for later delivery.

    → This is a great time to check your PC and make sure it is up to date at

Please note: On the night your account is scheduled to be migrated, please log off your email program (on your computer) and turn off your cell phone or tablet if it is set to check your UMass Boston mail! We have encountered a number of accounts that could not be migrated because the account was accessed during migration.

After your migration

Once your data has been migrated to the cloud, you will need to reconfigure your computer or mobile device with new server settings. Information on configuring many devices is on our web site under “Email.” Once migrated, Mac users will be able to use Outlook 2011 and share mailboxes and calendars using an Exchange connection.

If you have any difficulty in setting up your email client after the migration, you should use the enhanced Office 365 web mail at until we can walk you through the setup. (Note that this is not the same address you may have used before for accessing your mail via the web.) The Office 365 webmail is significantly improved with the ability to search and select multiple emails at a time.

New Profile Setup Instructions On Campus

New Profile Setup Instructions Manual / Off Campus

Post Migration - Importing a PST

If you need further help, call the IT Service Desk at 617.287.5220. We are available from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

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