Software - Mathematica

Download the presentation made by Wolfram on using Mathematica  October 2011 - [Need Mathematica to view]

What is Mathematica?

Mathematica is a software package which is ideal for communicating scientific ideas, whether this is visualization of a concept in an intro-level course, or creating a simulation of a new idea related to research. Mathematica is used in virtually all of the world's top research universities and liberal arts colleges, and is commonly used in the following types of departments—Mathematical Sciences, Physical Sciences, Business and Finance, Life Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science

How to Get Mathematica

Mathematica is currently installed in the following locations:

Mathematica can also be installed on:


  1. Click link above, choose “Continue without signing in”
  2. Use your UMass Boston email address ( and request Activation Key
  3. Check your email for a link to download the installer
  4. Create WolframID and download installer
  5. Run installer and enter Activation Key

Tutorials to Learn Mathematica

The first two tutorials are excellent for new users, and can be assigned to students to learn Mathematica outside of class time.

Collection of tutorials to branch out and explore more specific applications and areas of Mathematica.

Teaching with Mathematica

Research with Mathematica