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  • Alert! Microsoft is ending support for Office 2010 on October 13. After this date, users running Office 2010 (as well as older versions, like Office 2007) will be vulnerable to security flaws that will never be fixed. All Windows users should upgrade to Office 2013 ASAP.
  • Alert! Microsoft no longer supports versions of Internet Explorer prior to IE 11. Please upgrade or change your browser to avoid security flaws.

The University of Massachusetts has licensed many popular software titles and made them available free or at a nominal cost for faculty and staff. (Faculty and staff are people working full time for the university. Student employees aren't considered staff.)


The UMass Boston IT Services is now supporting Windows 10. Visit our Windows 10 page for more information on support and training.

The UMass Boston IT Services does not recommend upgrading computers to Mac OS X 10.11 ("El Capitan") at this time. We are reviewing this new upgrade and have not yet tested it against all required systems and services.

In addition, Mac users should be aware that our current VPN offering does not work with Mac OS X 10.10 ("Yosemite"). We will be upgrading our VPN to fix this, but we do not have a date for the upgrade yet.

To request any of the titles below, please send an email to Most titles have a nominal cost associated with them (see below). 

When writing to IT Software (, you must specify:

  1. The software you want
  2. Whether it is for Mac or Windows
  3. If for Windows, whether you want 32-bit or 64-bit (this is not applicable for all titles)
  4. How you will pay (if there is a cost)

We accept university departmental “SpeedType codes” or personal checks only. We do not accept cash, credit cards, or money orders. We do not accept starter checks or checks that have been modified in any way. All checks must be:

  1. Preprinted with the requestor's name and address
  2. Made out to Computer Trust Fund
  3. Signed by the requestor

Please note that not all titles are available on a disk; some are downloadable only. (See table below.) Note: if you are on campus and connected to Ethernet or the UMB-Staff-Fac wireless network, you can access Microsoft Office and Read Write Gold from the Apps server without going through IT Software.

Once we have all the information needed to fill your request, we will notify you by email that your software is ready to pick up. Do not come to pick up your software until you are notified that it is ready to pick up. You must bring photo ID and pick up the software yourself and sign the paperwork yourself.

Windows software

Mac software

Availability / Notes


Microsoft Products

Office 2013

Office 2016

Office 2011

Office 2016

$15 per disk

Free download from APPS Server while on campus network or a Xythos link sent to you for off campus use if computer is used for University business.

If you need to download from Xythos, write to as described above.

Windows 7 Enterprise

  $15 per disk

Windows 8.1 Enterprise

  $15 per disk
Project Professional 2010 (not supported)  

$15 per disk


Project Professional 2013  (not supported)  

$15 per disk


Project Professional 2016  (not supported)


  $15 per disk
Visio Premium  2010 (not supported)  

$15 per disk


Visio Premium  2013 (not supported)  

$15 per disk


Visio Premium  2016 (not supported)

  $15 per disk
Visual Studio.NET 2012  

$15 per disk



Quantitative Analysis Software

Stata 15

Stata 15

$25 for the license (License expires 7/1/18)

Can only be installed on university owned computers

Click for more information.

(v. 24 or 23 by request)
(v. 24 or 23 by request)

$30 for yearly rental of license (License expires 6/30/18)
Click for more information

Can only be installed on university owned computers. Separate license for personally owned computers, please email for pricing and availability.

(v. 24 and 23 by request)


$30 for the license

License expires 6/30/18

Can only be installed on university owned computers

MATLAB + Simulink + 16  Toolboxes MATLAB + Simulink + 16  Toolboxes

$15 for the license

Can be installed on university owned computers and personal standalone computers owned by staff and faculty

Download link will be emailed to you once payment is is processed

Click for more information.



Free from Mathematica

Click for more information.

SAS Statistics SAS Statistics

SAS has announced a free initiative for professors and their students which includes SAS software, tutorials, lesson plan help, etc. For more information on SAS University Edition, see:

The SAS software available through this program for "internal, non-commercial academic purposes” and runs as a "vApp" which will run under VMWare Fusion, VMWare Player, or Oracle VirtualBox only, and only if the virtual machine is configured with a maximum of two processor cores.

The full version of SAS can be purchase from the university for $15. Contact

Please note that IT Services does not support the installation or use of this software.


Qualitative Analysis Software

NVivo 11
(not supported)
NVivo 11
(not supported)

Free download — Write to request activation code and download link. Note that we have limited licenses and may not be able to fulfill your request. License expires 10/1/17

Click for more information



Contact Research Computing ( to request activation code and download link. Note that we have limited licenses and may not be able to fulfill your request. Student licenses are available at

MAXQDA MAXQDA Free download — Write to request activation code and download link. Note that we have limited licenses and may not be able to fulfill your request. 
Creative & Design Tools
Adobe Acrobat DC Adobe Acrobat DC

Free download

Click for more information

Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Creative Cloud

$15 for the license.

Download link will be emailed to you once payment is is processed

Click for more information

Autodesk software  

Free download from Autodesk.

Click for more information.


VMWare Workstation

VMWare Player

VMWare Fusion

Free download. Contact

This software is available to students when it is required for a course however requests must come from a professor. 

This software is for teaching and research purposes only.

Scientific Tools
Schrodinger  Schrodinger 


Also available for Linux



Also available for Linux


Survey Software


Qualtrics is a web based survey software available to any UMass Boston faculty, staff or student for free. For instructions on getting your account, email from your UMass Boston email account.

Accessibility Tools

Read & Write Gold 9.x  

Free Download from APPS server while on campus network



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Microsoft Products

Microsoft products are available to faculty and staff (including teaching assistants, research assistants, and graduate assistants). The following software is available to install on University owned computers and home computers if they are used regularly for University business:

All active UMass Boston faculty, staff, and students have full access to Microsoft Office for iPad.

In addition, active UMass Boston students have access to a free copy of Microsoft Office ProPlus for their home computer.

Support & Training

We offer extensive support and training for many Microsoft products. In addition to on-campus training and Atomic Learning, several IT staff members are specifically trained to support Windows and Office. Contact the IT Service Desk ( or call 617-287-5220) if you need assistance.

Examples of online video based training at Atomic Learning include:

There are hundreds of other topics available. Use the search function in Atomic Learning to find more topics.


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IBM SPSS Statistics 25

SPSS is statistical (quantitative analysis) software for Windows and Mac OS X and is available for faculty and staff provided it is installed on university owned computers only, and is used for "teaching, learning, and academic research" only and not for any administrative purposes, such as analysis on students, enrollment research, retention analysis, student advancement, donor management, or any uses that in some way can advance or benefit the university. This means that it should typically be used by only teachers and students. If anyone in the IR Department, Admissions, Enrollment, Finance, etc., are using the "Campus Edition" license, their use may be out of compliance.

Our license for SPSS includes the program and many add-ons including the following modules:

IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics
IBM SPSS Bootstrapping
IBM SPSS Categories
IBM SPSS Complex Samples
IBM SPSS Conjoint
IBM SPSS Custom Tables
IBM SPSS Data Preparation
IBM SPSS Decision Trees
IBM SPSS Direct Marketing
IBM SPSS Exact Tests
IBM SPSS Forecasting
IBM SPSS Missing Values
IBM SPSS Neural Networks
IBM SPSS Regression

The cost is $30 for the license. There is an additional $15 charge for the disk.

We also have an add-on package called AMOS available. The cost is an additional $15 for the license and disk.

These costs are for a one year license (which must be renewed annually) and are per seat. If you are buying for a class or a lab, you will need to buy enough licenses for each user. Students may wish to investigate one of the many alternatives to SPSS since we can only buy student licenses in packs of 20 ($800 for 20 student licenses.)

Support & Training

There is limited support for SPSS. Technical support is through IBM.

The Statistical Computing Center (SCC) provides support in using those packages and also in applied statistics to faculty member, research staff, and graduate students. We also provide training workshops. Please see our website link for more information and for an up-to-date workshop schedule.

In addition, some training is available online. Following are SPSS tutorials available on Atomic Learning.

(Note: This is not a statistics course and it is assumed that you have a basic understanding of statistics.)

Log in with your full UMass Boston email address and password.

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Adobe Acrobat

We are pleased to offer UMass Boston faculty and staff Adobe Acrobat DC for free. This software enables you to create and edit PDFs. (Similar capabilities are built in to the Mac operating system, but Acrobat does offer some additional functionality.) You may install Acrobat on any Mac or PC owned by UMass Boston. This application does not use cloud authentication or cloud features such as online storage.

To download and install Acrobat, send your request to


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Adobe Creative Cloud

We are pleased to offer UMass Boston faculty and staff Adobe Creative Cloud software at a massive discount off the usual enterprise cost.

University-owned computers

The cost is $15 for a license and may be installed on any Mac or PC owned by UMass Boston. This is a perpetual enterprise license that does not use cloud authentication or cloud features such as online storage. Once we process your payment, we will email you a download link.

There are three packages for Adobe Creative Cloud as listed below. You may request any combination of packages -- one, two, or all three -- for the same price. There are separate packages due to the size of the entire Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

Adobe Cloud Design package includes:

Adobe Cloud Web Tools package includes:

Adobe Cloud Video Tools package includes:

Note: the Creative Cloud installer for university owned computers does not include Adobe Acrobat. That is a separate (free) installation.



Support and training for this product are extremely limited. We offer some introductory workshops. See the schedule of upcoming workshops and sign up at


Upcoming training workshops are listed on the Training Portal. Please visit or contact or call 617.287.5221.

We also offer Atomic Learning video training. See the related links in the right hand column. Log in using your full email address and email password.

Atomic Learning offers a variety of video training modules for Adobe products. To view them, click a link below and log in with your full UMass Boston email address and password.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator


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UMass Boston offers no support for Stata, but the company offers good support via its website. See:

Stata support options

Stats training resources

Stata is also available for Linux. Ask us for details.



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MATLAB by MathWorks

UMass Boston offers MATLAB research software from MathWorks, which comes with the following toolboxes:

If you purchased a license for MATLAB from us and receive the message that the license is expiring, you will need to update your activation code by following the instructions on this web page:

How do I launch the MATLAB activation client?

Helpful Links

Installation Help:

MATLAB Documentation:

Upcoming Training Events:

MATLAB Examples:

MATLAB Community Q&A:

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Autodesk software

UMass Boston professors and students can access Autodesk software, including Inventor Professional, AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Fusion 360, and Maya, for personal and educational use. The Autodesk program includes free teaching and learning resources.

These resources allow you to

Professors and students can also download the software for personal use directly from Autodesk. Software provided through the Education Community program may be used only for purposes directly related to learning, training, research, or development and may not be used for commercial, professional, or any other for-profit purposes.

For questions, see the Autodesk Frequently Asked Questions page.


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NVivo support & training

There is an obscure bug in Windows that can affect NVivo users if your computer name is the same as your login name. NVivo will appear to install correctly but you will not be able to open or use files, and the "repair wizard" will also fail. Once you change the computer name the repair wizard will be able to complete and install MS-SQL. According to Microsoft, “A user name cannot be named the same as the computer name. this is a Windows issue. See for more details.”

Check your computer name and user name and make sure they are different before installing NVivo to avoid problems.

NVivo offers a variety of resources for users on their website.

The Getting Started page offers many support materials including a Getting Started Guide and step by step videos.

A list of free online demos is available. Please select those in the US Eastern Standard Daylight zone:

The QSR support page has links to the Support Department for One on One Support and our Technical Resource Center.


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Computer Training

Training is available for many software products and computer topics.
Read More

Set up email program

Configure email programs (Outlook, Apple mail, iPhone, etc.) to access your Office 365 email.
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