Information Technology

About the Instructional Support Team

eLearning and Instructional Support (eLIS) is composed of instructional designers, systems administrators and graduate students working as a team to help faculty integrate technology into their teaching. Through consultations, workshops and webinars, we provide technical and pedagogical instructional support about various online educational practices. We promote student success by helping faculty address new ways to engage their learners and reach their learning goals.



Gene Shwalb Gene Shwalb Manager of eLearning and Instructional Support 287.3091
Jouliana Bosneva Instructional Designer 287.3998
Paula Thorsland Paula Thorsland Senior Instructional Designer 287.3147
Ellen Foust Ellen Foust Instructional Designer 287.3146
Rrezata Hyseni Rrezarta Hyseni Senior Instructional Designer 287.5903
Michelle Mcintyre Instructional Designer 287.3220
Kalinda Mehta Kalindi Mehta LMS Administrator 287.5217
Theresa Nelson-Miller Theresa Nelson-Miller Instructional Technologist 287.5208
Linda Sudlesky Linda Sudlesky Instructional Design  287.5987
Peter Tofuri Peter Tofuri LMS Administrator 287.7356
Irene Yukhananov Irene Yukhananov Senior Instructional Designer 287.3092