Blackboard Policies and Procedures

Blackboard Policies and Procedures

Request to use Blackboard for teaching

Empty Blackboard course shells are created for all WISER course sections. If you are a faculty member who would like to use Blackboard Learn for your course, a request for a UMass Boston template or a request for a copy of your prior course can be made at

Enroll your graduate or teaching assistant(s) in Blackboard

To enroll your graduate or teaching assistant or any other user besides a registered student in Blackboard Learn, a request must be made in writing to the Blackboard administrators at

Creation of non-WISER accounts

Creation of single-sign on accounts will be made only via direct transfer from the WISER (PeopleSoft) system. Any necessary manual creation of an account will be made using a non-WISER/demo account.

Copy Blackboard content from another instructor

Permission to copy Blackboard content from another instructor must be received in writing by the Blackboard administrators at

Changing the start or end date for a course

To modify the dates during which student can access a course, an instructor must send a written request to the Blackboard administrators at

Manual addition or deletion of a student to/from a course

Student access to (for example, to finish an incomplete grade) or deletion from a course will only be permitted upon written request by the instructor or program director to the Blackboard Administrators at

Additional Blackboard Policies and Procedures

User Roles

A user can be assigned only one course role at a time. By default, Faculty and Students will be enrolled via direct transfer from the WISER (PeopleSoft) system in the “UMass Boston Instructor” and “Student” roles respectively. Other roles are used as follows:

* Instructor: Used by Administrators who “Quick Enroll” in a course to provide support. Administrators should “Quick Unenroll” from courses when they are finished with their support tasks. The “UMass Boston Instructor” role should be used for all other instructor enrollments.

* Course Builder: For users who can assist with the design of a course but should not have grading privileges or access to the grading center. Enrollment by request of an instructor to LMS Administrator.

* UMass Boston Teaching Assistant: Similar to UMass Boston Instructor. Used for benefit of students in course so they can differentiate assistants from instructors. Enrollment by request of an instructor to LMS Administrator.

* UMass Boston Web Conferencing: Same as UMass Boston Course Builder but distinguishes that the user is a staff member supporting the Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing system.

* UMass Boston Teach Only: For a user whose major responsibility is to assist an instructor with teaching and grading, but not modifying the design of a course. Enrollment by request of an instructor to LMS Administrator.

Administrative Access

Administrative access to Blackboard Learn can only be granted by the Manager of eLearning and Instructional Support, the Senior Learning Management Systems Administrator, or UMass Online administrators (for their own support purposes). Administrator roles are currently limited to “All Course Admin”, “All System Support”, and “Survey Author” (in limited cases).