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Classroom Polling

What is Classroom Polling?

Classroom polling can be used to facilitate more meaningful and interactive learning experiences, by allowing instructors to;

Classroom polling for discussion groups and peer instruction

Classroom polling tools can facilitate peer instruction using the following model:

Peer instruction can be facilitated by creating discussion groups and allowing students to discuss solutions to problems as a group prior to voting. Instructors can also allow students to vote individually first before working in groups. A class discussion follows where the instructor can display comparison charts of voting results, before and after peer discussion. See an example of peer instruction in action: Prediction Questions, Simulations, and Times for Telling in #Math216

What is iClicker ?

iClicker Cloud by iClicker allows students to use laptops, smart phones or other mobile devices to respond to questions posed by their instructors in class. Students must purchase an iClicker Cloud subscription from in order to use it. Students may also use hand-held remote devices to respond to questions posed by their instructors. There are many iClicker Ready Classrooms on campus, which allow the iClicker remotes to communicate with the iClicker polling software. 


Getting Help with iClicker

For help or questions about iClicker, contact eLearning & Instructional Support by email at

Engaging Students at UMass Boston

Professor Tara Ashok uses iClickers to gain valuable feedback from her students, increase student participation and engagement, as well as provide opportunities for student self-assessment in her Biology classes.
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Using Clickers in the Classroom

Great ideas for using clickers, comparing class survey results to published studies, question reframing, predicting outcomes of experiments, and clicker wars.
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Discussion Made a Difference in Student Learning

"Discussion engages students. It gives them the opportunity to practice using the language of the discipline."
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