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iPads in the Classroom

iPads for Teaching and Learning

iPad Carts for the Classroom
Faculty can reserve an iPad cart equipped with 18 iPads by completing a form to request an iPad.  
Generally faculty reserve the carts on a semester basis at least two weeks prior to first day of classes. Student consultants are hired to assist with iPad delivery, and reservations are contingent on availability of time slots and student consultants. After faculty have completed the iPad reservation form, the mobile supervisor will contact the faculty member for the following information:

  1. the name of the apps requested for installation on the iPads
  2. the times available when faculty can meet with the professor to go over procedures and policies to follow when using the iPads.

The carts are delivered to the classrooms by a student consultant who verifies that the iPads are connected to the wireless network, and to assist with the distribution and collection of the iPads to assure that they are not lost.  

iPads for professors
There are a limited number of iPads which can be loaned to professors who wish to explore using the iPad in their teaching. The professor must complete a form to request an iPad to participate in the iPad in the Classroom Program. Many professors on campus who have participated in the program use the iPad carts. Information about the application of the iPads in the classroom can be found at the iPad Blog:

Professors interested in learning more about iPad use on campus can contact: Mobile Supervisor


iPad in the Classroom Program

Call for Proposals is closed, but you can use this form to request an iPad loan for teaching.

Program Participants:  Professors: Brian Rogan, Marc Prou, Amy Todd, Cat Mazza, David Patterson, Mark Pawlak, Rebecca Romanov, MaryLu Love, Patricia Paugh, Janet Stewart, Teresa Maceira, Tina Mullins, Steven Ackerman

Victoria Kingsley, Susan Mraz, Janet Stewart, David Patterson

During the fall 2013 and spring 2014 semesters. IT, Division of Education Technology and the Joseph P. Healey Library announced an opportunity for faculty to submit a proposal to use iPads to enhance their teaching. That program is currently closed. To discuss how iPads can enhance teaching and learning in your classroom, email

iPad Proposal Form & Agreement

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Mobile Learning Blog

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