Information Technology

Wimba/Synchronous Conferencing System

Wimba Classroom is a synchronous conferencing system embedded in the Blackboard Vista Learning Management System (LMS) used to deliver UMass Boston's fully online courses. Students and instructors access Wimba Classroom by logging into their Blackboard Vista course sections. UMass Boston online course participants do not require additional accounts, usernames, or login sequences to access Wimba Classrooms. Wimba Classroom provides learners with audio and text chat tools and provides instructors with the ability to provide slide presentations, and to share applications and document with students. Participants access Wimba sessions from computers (Macs or PCs) at their own homes, offices, and classrooms at times and on days designated by course instructor(s).

Wimba Classroom is available for College of Advancing and Professional Studies online sections only. For more information about Wimba Classroom visit the UMass Boston College of Advancing and Professional Studies Online Wimba Support Homepage.