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Language Lab Resources

Students and faculty have on-line access to audio and video materials required for  foreign language course courses.  Students can use the computers for the  language lab in the Red Lab (UL floor, Healey Library), or use the virtual language lab any time from home.  When on campus, headsets can be borrowed for the Red lab from the Circulation Desk (2nd floor, Healey Library). Students may also access on-line language files through the language lab website from home or on campus.

The Language Lab website provides useful information about the audio and video collections. Most of the language lab collection consists of multi-media and computer interactive curriculum materials which complement textbooks in elementary and intermediate Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese courses. Students in these courses receive one credit for completion of lab assignments throughout the semester.

Language Lab Online

Students who are enrolled in a Language course with a required lab will access lab materials through their Blackboard account. 

Go to and follow the instructions to log in. If you have problems logging in to Blackboard, visit the IT Service Desk (3rd floor, Healey Library), or contact them at:

  • Web:
  • Email:
  • Phone:  617-287-5220

If you have problems accessing Blackboard, you can access the files directly from the UMass Website until they are resolved.

Video viewing stations are available on the 3rd floor, Healey Library. Foreign language video files are available online and from the Healey Library Circulation desk (2nd floor, Healey Library).Headsets, headset splitters, and DVD player remote controls are also available at the Circulation Desk.

If you have problems with the language material, or if you are a faculty member and would like to schedule an orientation for your class, please call 617-287-5969.

Additional Resources

Language Placement Test (WebCape)
In order for students to enjoy the best educational experience, faculty will  recommend that students take a placement test prior to registering for a  course. The Hispanic Studies Department at UMass Boston uses a computerized placement exam called WebCape to help place students in the appropriate language level for Spanish. The test is administered at the testing center and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. It gives each student his/her score and level immediately following completion of the test.

Language Lab Textbooks and Workbooks
A limited number of textbooks and workbooks used for language courses are available on loan from the Healey Library Circulation Desk.  Faculty must arrange to place books on Healey Library Reserve for loan to students.

VoiceThread, a new technology that allows educators to host secure conversations using media that include videos, images or presentation. VoiceThread is the perfect way for students to "talk" to each other outside of the classroom. You can use it for group assignments, presentations, thought question discussions, language exams, language practice. Any  UMB faculty member or student can access VoiceThread through the UMB license.  There is no software to download. Just fire up your Internet browser, and you will be ready to go.

Get your VoiceThread Account
Go to  
Students:  Use your email credentials when you log in you will automatically receive a Basic VoiceThread account.
Students enrolled in a language course with a lab requirement will be able to log into their course VoiceThreads through the VoiceThread link in their blackboard course.

Faculty:  Use your email credentials when you log in to receive an account. Then, contact Ellen Foust, VoiceThread Consultant, to request that your account be promoted to a Pro account. Pro accounts have many more features than Basic accounts and are only available to faculty.

Language Lab Resources/Digital Learning Studio

Healey Library 3rd Floor (617) 287-5977 Spring 12: M-F 9:00am-5:00pm Read More