Information Technology


Information Technology Service Division (ITSD) provides a number of tools and services to protect your computer on the network and the data that resides on it. While these tools and services assist in protecting your computer and data, it is the people and their behavior that also play a vital role. To ensure that people are aware of scams, fraudulent emails (phishing) ITSD has added a section “IT Status/Alerts."

Tax Season and Tax Fraud Season

The closer we get to April 15, the more we’ll be scampering around collecting receipts and crunching the numbers in hopes of receiving tax refunds. Read more about the threats, and how to protect yourself

U-Secure Security Awareness Program

This university-wide security awareness program aims to promote personal cyber-security readiness across the UMass community. Today’s greatest security threats often target individuals, so it is imperative that all students, faculty, and staff are able to recognize threats and know how to defend against exposure of sensitive information.

Securing the Human

UMass recently teamed up with the SANS Institute to release a series of awareness videos to better prepare you for the world of technology and the vulnerabilities we face each day. As a UMass employee, you have received access to the first series of SANS awareness videos called Securing the Human.  You’ll have the opportunity to dive into topics such as social engineering and email. Keep in mind: These videos aren’t meant to scare you. They’re meant to empower you. For more details, visit the UMass Information Operations Security Center website.

Internet Access Request

If for academic or business purposes you seek Internet access through UMass Boston ports that are currently blocked for security reasons, please follow our access-request procedure. Read More 

Computer security check

Scan your browser and plugins for updates and scan your PC for security problems! Read More 

Watch a video on security featuring John Sileo

“Hear John Sileo, America’s top keynote speaker and leading expert on identity theft and online privacy” [You can watch the video by using their domain login (compservdom\username) and associated password] Read More