Information Technology


National Cyber Security Awareness month is observed each October. It encourages vigilance and protection by all computer users. In this year's presidential proclamation on the topic, President Obama tells us that "It is the responsibility of every American to proactively defend our digital landscape."

Read on to learn some simple ways to protect yourself year round!

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Managing your Digital Identity
Every website you register for, every organization you have worked for, and every school you attended is likely to have your digital record online, and there's no true delete button! Your digital identity is being added to every day, and it's there to stay. Is your secure?

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Screenshot of Cyber Security video about Passwords
Screenshot of Cyber Security video about emailScreenshot of Cyber Security video about social engineeringScreenshot of Cyber Security video about social media





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There are 4 poster designs spread around campus with important cyber security issues and tips. Can you find all 4?

Small version of four Cyber Security posters