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Multi-Factor Authentication

Graphic illustration: Enter Username & Password on secure access login page plus confirm identity using mobile device or landline. That's it you are signed in.


  • Multi-Factor Authentication is required for all users when logging onto HR Direct

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What is Multi-Factor Authentication
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MFA is a secure login process that protects your private information even if someone finds out your password. MFA adds a layer of protection on top of your password to prevent anyone but you from logging in to your account. After you login to an MFA-protected service with your UMass Boston username and password, you will need to authenticate with one of your enrolled MFA devices using one of the following methods:

Method Description
Duo Push (Recommended)  Get a login request on your phone or tablet using Duo Mobile app. Just tap Approve to log in.
Call Me Get a call on your phone. Just press to login.
Enter a Passcode Enter a passcode (1) generated with Duo Mobile app (recommended), (2) sent via SMS (click “Text me new codes”), or (3) provided by IT Service Desk (for special cases). Just click Log In.

At this time, MFA is being implemented to protect your private information within the HR Direct application (i.e. social security number, bank account information, w2, etc.). MFA is becoming an industry standard to protect against phishing attacks and data breaches. Verifying your identity using a second factor (using your mobile device or landline) prevents anyone but you from logging in, even if they know your password. 

UMass Boston Staff and Faculty

Duo Security is the MFA service vendor that UMass is using.

Duo MFA will be initially implemented on Human Resources PeopleSoft application (HR Direct).


MFA Best Practices

► Add a minimum of two devices (e.g. mobile phone and landline)

► Check "Remember Me" to login without multi-factor authentication on a trusted browser+device combination for up to 30 days

► Use 'Duo Push' to authenticate since it is the easiest and most secure method



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Enrollment Instructions



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Methods of Authentication


Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


MFA Job-Aids:

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Need help? Please contact IT Service Desk

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Walk-in: IT Service Desk - 3rd floor Healey Library


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