Information Technology

Cyber Security

October is Cyber Security Month and in an effort to try and help everyone to stay safer online, the IT Department  gathered a set of speakers to inform staff, faculty, and students of how to navigate the dangers of the computing and networking worlds. Following are the presentations from the most recent Cyber Security Month.

Quinn Shamblin - "Black-hat hackers"

Who are they, what do they want, what can they do & what can you do about it?"

Who are hackers and what do they do?  Quinn Shamblin from Boston University gives an insightful look at the underground world of hackers and what they do to get the information they want.  Shamblin will discuss some simple countermeasures that can be easily deployed to provide protection.
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Jack Warner -  “How handle your paper problem”

Paper is always an issue for organizations. How long should various records be kept? What do we have to do to either retain or destroy record that might have personal information? Do you have boxes of records that are stored somewhere that you would like to do something with? Come to Jack Warner’s informative lecture on handling outdated records disposal and get rid of your problem.
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Jean-Pierre Kuilboer - “Digital Forensics”

UMass Boston Professor Jean-Pierre Kuilboer is a specialist in Digital Forensics, the science of computer crime solution. Learn the fascinating and growing science of computer crime investigation and how it is being used in the field of criminal justice.
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Dennis Treece - “Massport Security”

Retired Colonel Dennis Treece come to us from MASSPORT, the entity that runs Logan Airport and the shipping areas that makes the “HUB” the busy commerce port of the east coast. Colonel Treece will discuss security issues from gathering intelligence and working with government entities to prevent terrorism to making your next travel through MASSPORT a pleasurable experience.
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