Information Technology

Internet Access Request Procedure

Safeguarding UMass Boston’s critical infrastructure and assets is the responsibility of all UMass Boston staff, faculty, and students. The university’s IT department utilizes a multi-layered information security defense strategy designed to protect university assets from unauthorized access and to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The university has a number of policies and standards that establish protective security controls. All information technology resources connected to the UMass Boston network are expected to comply with these policies and standards, since a control deficiency in one business process or IT resource can jeopardize other processes or resources. Erroneous data can be inherited, privacy can be compromised, and conduits for intrusions into UMass Boston systems can be created.

At times, for academic or business purposes, UMass Boston faculty members, staff members, and students seek Internet access through UMass Boston ports that are blocked for security reasons. For example, they may wish to open an outbound VPN, use an external DNS server, use UDP packets for streaming, or use ICMP packets to make ping requests.   

In such cases, exceptions to security policies may be possible, but formal requests are required. Each request must be approved and signed by the appropriate official, such as a dean or department head. Each request will be carefully reviewed and evaluated by the Information Security Office before a decision is made to grant or not to grant the exception.

If you wish to seek an exception, please inform yourself about the  Exception Request Process before submitting your request, and then use the Online Request Form, filling out all fields. Once submitted, the form will be sent to the Information Security Office for review

Questions, comments must be submitted to the Information Security Office at: