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Blackberries and iPhones are advanced handheld communications devices. Blackberries and iPhones provide access to your UMass Boston email, calendar, contacts, and more.

For details please call 7-5252

In order to get support on your mobile device is please call the IT Service Desk at 7-5220, a ticket will be created and assigned to the proper group.

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Mobile devices while traveling abroad

When traveling outside the United States is important to inform Telecommunications, which then will call the carrier to apply the proper plans while traveling abroad. The reason we need to be notified is to make sure your device is compatible while traveling outside the US. If Telecommunication is not inform,the user will accrued roaming charges which will not be credited back to their account. Below is a link on what each carrier charges while traveling outside the US.

Mobile Device Policy & Procedures

The Telecommunications Department at UMass Boston provides cell phones and pagers to faculty and staff as required for work and with permission of their department head. The costs associated with these devices will be paid for by encumbrances in the Telecommunications Department; and then the costs—both monthly fixed and usage charges—of each device will be re-charged to the appropriate budget number provided by the department head when the request is made. A copy of the billing statement for each device will be sent monthly to the person in possession of the device for review and verification. We presently have cell phones from three service providers and two service providers for pager services. We use the State Contract when applicable to assist us in choosing our service providers.  

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