Telephone Services

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AASTRA Telephone Training Guide


Call Diversion

Busy                   * 22 # (Divert all calls to pre-programmed diversion point, v-mail, etc.) 
Cancel                # 22 #
Follow Me         * 2 *, Station No., #
Voicemail  *2* 7-4700, #
Cancel                # 2 #
Last No.  *** Redial (Outside)

Call Forwarding to an Off-campus phone or cellphone*

Incoming calls to your campus phone can be forwarded to an off-campus phone or cellphone number. Please send an email request to IT Service Desk (  This process needs to be programmed by the technician, so provide the following information:  Off-campus telephone or cellphone number you want your calls to be transferred to.



• Dial the 5 digit extension (7-XXXX)

Off-Campus call

Directory Assistance

Telephone services are provided to the university community, Mondays through Fridays from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM (business hours) and directory assistance from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (attendant operators).
Please call 617-287-5000 or 7-5000 during these office hours.

Directory Information (Telephone)*
For complete and updated directory information you can:

Directory update is done bi-weekly (this is timed during pay period).

  1.  For updates to your telephone information and your Outlook directory send email request to with your current phone assignment, office location and department affiliation.
  2. For updates in the UMass Boston online directory, please go to UMass Boston’s online site at, and fill up the request form found online. If you have requested for changes in your online information, please allow at least 10 working days for changes to take effect.

Telephone Directory Book (UMass Boston Campus)

This year, 2010, there was a deviation in the publication of the directory where the contents only included departmental as well as key personnel in the departments. However, for your telephone directory needs the university community may:

We strongly encouraged our customers to check their own listings online to check for accuracy. Any outdated information should be reported to the IT, Service Desk and provide us with the correct information. Please remember that our records are only as good as the information that is provided to us. We enlist your help in keeping the data in Telecommunications as accurate as possible.

*Important Notes: The online directory is updated bi-weekly. If you have requested for changes or updates in your online information, please allow at least 10 working days for these changes to take effect.

Authorization/Access/Long-distance Code (Authcode)

Authorization or Access or Long-distance codes (Authcode) is a 5 digit number which is use to dial outside of your phone's dialing level.

Transfer Calls to another Extension

  1. Pick up call on “Line 1”. If the call needs to be transferred
  2. Hit “Access 2 or Line 2” button
  3. Put in the 5 digit number/extension where you want to transfer the call, 7-XXXX
  4. Once you put in the phone number (5 digit extension), you may wait for the other party to pick up and notify them or ...
  5. Hit the "Transfer" button/key to transfer the call immediately without announcing the call. If the person you are transferring the call to is unavailable, the call will be diverted to his/her voicemail box.

Conference Call Services

Conference calls can be done on campus through the following procedures:

1. Desktop phone – Maximum of 3 parties

2. UMass Boston Operator Assistance – Maximum of 8 parties
Send email to and provide a list of phone numbers to be contacted by UMass Boston operator and the on-campus number together with the time and date of the conference call. This call will be charged to the department who initiated/requested the conference call.  Telecom requires at least 1 day notice before the scheduled conference call.

3. Conference Bridge Calls  – Maximum of 20 parties
Conference bridge calling is also available for a minimum of 8 but not more than 20. This service is provided by Verizon. A toll-free number with codes for the “Initiator” & “Participants” as well as a confirmation number will be emailed to the requestor for them to dial into. Please request for this service ahead of time by sending an email to with time, date, number of participants, contact person and Press 9 to connect all parties.


Verizon Conference Services

This is also the same as option #3 but the only difference is that you can make the arrangements yourself with Verizon by going to this link provided for your conferencing needs, You will have to provide Verizon with your Procard or other payment option. You need not go through IT, Telecommunications office for this service to be set up for you.

*Please contact Telecom at 7-5010 or 617-287-5010, if you have other needs that are not listed here and we will try to assist you. 

Fax Services

Telecom offers fax services only for faculty, staff and departments on official business and are charge directly through the departmental account. Other areas on campus offering fax services for a fee would be the Quinn Graphics Services (7-5020) located at Lower Level, Quinn Bldg, and the UMass Boston Bookstore (7-5090) located at the Campus Center.