Voicemail Services

New MX-ONE Voice Mail - Feature Instructions

Mailbox Setup: Initializing your voice mailbox for the first time

When accessing your mailbox for the FIRST TIME, you need to initialize by dialing the information below. If you've DONE the setup already and need to access your mailbox just dial 7-4700 and enter your personal password.

Download the MX-One Quick reference guide to help you navigate through your voicemail

Voicemail Applications and Greetings

There are many voicemail applications on the UMass Boston campus. You have probably encountered them when you call academic departments, campus services, or administrative offices. Within our voicemail system we can create a caller's menu of options that you the client would like to see when users are trying to reach your department.

For more information or to schedule an application design meeting, please contact

Eduardo Luciano
AVST Voicemail Administrator

Retrieving Voicemail Messages

Retrieving Voicemail Messages (On-Campus)

Retrieving Voicemail Messages (Off-Campus)

Retrieving Voicemail Messages (From another phone on campus)

Resetting Voicemail Password

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the system have new features immediately after the cutover?
The answer is no. After the cutover the new voicemail system will look and act very similar to the old system. At this time we are only offering simple answering and voicemail services identical to the old voicemail system.

Will the system integrate into the campus email system?
The answer is not at this time. Once the campus understands the policy implications implied by any new architecture involving the email system and unified messaging a decision will be made regarding this. Initially the new voicemail system cutover will mostly be for hardware reasons. Future growth and additional functionality will be addressed at a later time.

Who should I call if I am having trouble with my mailbox?
You can call the Telecom User Services office at 7-5010 and we will assist you. But before you call, be sure you are trying to access the new voicemail system from the phone associated with the mailbox. For example, if your phone extension is 7-1234 your mailbox will be 7-1234 so make sure you are calling from 7-1234.

Will the university be providing training sessions for the new voicemail system?
We are not planning on providing any training at this time. We believe that most users have had enough experience with either cell phone or home phone voicemail systems that training sessions may not be necessary. Also, the new voicemail system interface is very similar to the old voicemail interface so users may be quite familiar with the system already. If training becomes necessary we will plan sessions accordingly.

How can I stop my MWI light from blinking?
To clear the MWI light, press #56#