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The UMass Boston Video Production Center (VPC) is a full-service video production facility capable of producing broadcast quality programming. The Center's professional staff can assist you with all phases of program development, video production, and post-production. VPC provides clients with broadcast quality video production and post-production equipment, LifeSize HD and Tandberg and Polycom SD videoconferencing equipment; a Verizon Broadcast Fiber Link, a 30'x30' television studio, and 4 multimedia distance learning classrooms. In addition, the Video Production Center provides clients with DVD, CD, and videotape duplication services; as well as classroom capture, streaming video recording and archival services. Where applicable, rate schedules for services and program development are available.

The Video Production Center operates and supports innovative distance learning classrooms and studios using a variety of communication technologies to reach local, UMass System, regional, and national audiences. The center is active in the production of educational and public service programming broadcast over cable television and the Internet.

The VPC also supports both origination and receipt of videoconferences. Any distance learning or video conferencing origination may include computer-mediated application sharing, DVD playback and other advanced information sharing capabilities. VPC supports University of Massachusetts system courses and regional outreach.

The center's primary function is to support the university's academic mission by offering the university community affordable broadcast quality video production, and video conferencing. As part of the university's public service mission, the center's facilities are also made available to public and nonprofit agencies on a space available, fee basis.

Video Production Center

Healey Library Lower Level
Phone: (617) 287-5981
Fax: (617) 287-2495
Healey Library, Lower Level Double set of green doors to the right of the Instructional Technology Center (ITC) Main Office.
Please ring doorbell.

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