Presentation Room 3


Capacity: 30
Room Features: Video Conferencing, Distance Learning Instructional TV, Echo 360 Classroom Capture, DVD Recording


Presentation Room 3 is a fully functioning distance learning classroom and is fully wired for distance learning origination or received instruction via IP Videoconferencing Equipment. The room is equipped with three remote control cameras, Student Station Desktop Microphones and a Ceiling Speaker system. Any image the instructor chooses to utilize for instruction may be recorded on the Echo 360 Classroom Capture System or DVD format.  In addition, the room is equipped with large screen video projection and can display images from a MAC, PC, LAPTOP, DVD/VCR, or Document Camera. The instructor or presenter has a switcher, located in the front of the room that enables them to have complete control of the equipment in the room.  All of our distance learning classrooms have a fully equipped teaching station with high speed Internet access. 

P-3 has the following equipment installed:

AV Services and Classroom Technology

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