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Student Wireless Connections

The UMass Boston-Student-Secure wireless network utilizes the 802.1x protocol and allows students to avail of the same secured connections as the Faculty & Staff wireless network. An added advantage of this system is that students will no longer be required to re-authenticate or re-login when they move between buildings. As always, if you have questions or difficulty connecting to the wireless network, please visit the IT Service Desk located on the third floor of the library, call 617.287.5220, or send an email to

Faculty/Staff Wireless Connections

The network “UMB-Staff-Fac” has a number of important advantages for UMass Boston faculty and staff. Like the student network, it is secure and encrypted and utilizes the 802.1x protocol for added security. Because of this added security, it allows access to services like email and file sharing.


Eduroam is a collaborative Wi-Fi network that any research or educational institution can join, and many have. The benefit is that you can roam among the member institutions and transparently join the eduroam network without re-entering credentials. However, before you roam, you must first join the network at your home institution (in this case, UMass Boston) and accept the UMass Boston certificate on the device you plan to roam with.

Following are instructions for joining. The instructions are the same as our two secured networks (UMB-Student-Secure and UMB-Staff-Fac) except for the name of the network and the username, which for eduroam is your full email address.

Mac/iOS: Select the eduroam network and authenticate with your full email address and password. Accept the certificate from “UMass Boston eduroam Server."

Windows: Follow the instructions for UMB-Student Secure or UMB-Staff-Fac (see above), but substitute the name “eduroam” (all lowercase) for the name of the network (SSID). Authenticate with your full UMB email address and password. You can also use our eduroam auto-configurator for Windows -- just unzip and double click the bat file.

Visitor/Guest Wireless Connections

Guests to the UMass Boston campus may access the UMass Boston wireless network by obtaining a username and password from the IT Service Desk or by visiting the Campus Center Office or Information Desk. Access is granted to visitors with a legitimate reason for needing access. If a department is hosting a group, they should request access well in advance of the group visit.

Note: Visitors to the Integrated Sciences Complex (ISC) need a separate login which the Campus Center staff cannot provide. Please visit the IT Service Desk on the third floor of the library and state that you need guest access for the ISC Guest Network.

IT Service Desk: — Monday—Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Campus Center: Office (UL 330) – 617.287.4800; Monday—Friday (8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.) or the Campus Center Information Desk Monday—Thursday (7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.)/Friday (7:30 a.m.‐5 p.m.)/Saturday (9 a.m.‐2 p.m.).

Steps to connect:

  1. Open your device’s wireless network connections page, select and connect to “UMB-Guest.”
  2. Once connected, launch your internet browser to begin the wireless network validation process. You should be redirected to a welcome screen for the UMass Boston Guest wireless network.
  3. Enter your UMass Boston guest username and password and click "Accept." Note that both the username and password are case sensitive.

Troubleshooting tips

Please note that UMass Boston Wi-Fi will not work if you have entered a custom DNS server, such as (Google). Your network settings must be set to obtain the DNS server automatically.

Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy

Please review our Wi-Fi Use Guidelines

For more detailed policy information, read the Wireless Requirements and Procedure and the full Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy.

Need Guest Wireless Access?

Please visit the IT Service Desk (Healey 3rd floor - 7-5220) or the campus center office (Campus Center-UL - 7-4800)