Information Technology

Add an Additional User to Student’s WISER Account

The instructions on this page assume that you are in the Classic View in WISER student self service.  Use these instructions for the Mobile View.

You have the option of allowing your parent or anyone else you designate to log in to your WISER account. You can:

Please note: Only YOU can grant or remove access to this information. Staff members in academic or financial offices at UMass Boston cannot grant, change or remove this access.  UMass Boston staff members, including the IT Service Desk, will not have access to the password. They are unable to reset a password that YOU have created for your designate.

Persons given access to your WISER Student Center page will also be able to view any holds, including financial and disciplinary holds, placed on your account, but you have full control over access to your account at all times.

After you have followed the steps below, entered the required information and created a password, the system will alert your parent or designee by email, with a copy to your campus email address. You must give that person the password you created for him/her.


Printable Instructions for Students

Printable Instructions for Parents/Designees

Grant Access

Change or Remove Access

Grant Access

Grant Access to Additional Persons
If you wish to grant access to another person, click the plus sign (+) at the top right of the Additional Access page.

Enter the required information for the second person and click Save, then click OK.  You may repeat this process to grant access to as many people as you like, but you are advised to exercise caution in granting access to your student records.

Tell the Other Person How to Access Your Data
The system will automatically send an email to the email address you specified.  The email will tell the person that he/she now has access to the system and will contain the person’s User ID, a link to the WISER home page and instructions to obtain the password from you.  You will receive a copy of the email.  The designated person must use the Designated Access Log-in link on the WISER home page.

You must provide the person with the password you entered in the Additional Access page. Advise him/her that staff members on campus will not be able to assist them. You might also want to send the person a link to instructions for accessing your account.

Important:  To maintain the security of your student records, do not send the web link, the user ID and, in particular, the password to the person in one email.  It is preferable to give the person the password in person with a reminder that access to your account may not be shared with anyone else.  If you must email the password, send it separately, with no other identifying information.

Change or Remove Access

At the bottom of your Student Center page, click Grant Addl Access to Your Acct.

If you have granted access to more than one person, use the arrow buttons at the top right of the Additional Access page to display the information of the person whose access you wish to change.

To change access:

To revoke access:

Always remember to click Sign-out.