The Information Technology Services Division (ITSD) abides by and enforces all policies, standards, and procedures of the University of Massachusetts (Presidents Office), the University of Massachusetts Boston, and ITSD.

University of Massachusetts Policies/Standards

For a detailed description of definitions to terms that are used in the documents listed here, please refer to the Data and Computing Guideline Definitions (PDF) 

For a detailed list of IT policies, see University of Massachusetts, Office of the President Data and Computing Policies and Guidelines.

The University’s Data Security Awareness and Education website (www.massachusetts.edu/InformationSecurity) describes information on policies and guidelines data, computer and network security, virus alerts and hoaxes and computer security awareness.  Award winning videos on security are also available at this site.

UMass Boston Data and Computing Requirements and Procedures

The Responsible/Acceptable Use of Computing and Data Resources (PDF) contain requirements related to copyright. The Data and Computing Standards (PDF) contain requirements for personal and official web pages, web design and style, content and security. It also contains requirements for wireless deployment, security and use at the campuses.  The “requirements and procedures” listed below are in addition to the Data and Computing Standards.

Requirements and Procedures  include but are not limited to these: