Email Creation


This policy is designed to formalize the assignment of email accounts at UMass Boston.

Policy Statement

All customers (e.g., faculty, staff, students) are provided email accounts when they officially join the UMass Boston community (e.g., matriculation at the University, added to the University payroll). All rights and privileges regarding the use of such accounts are extended in accordance with the UMass Boston Acceptable Use Policy.

In cases where such customers referenced above need an email account activated prior to officially joining the UMass Boston community, requests for email account activation must be made to the appropriate office (i.e., Human Resources for employees and Enrollment Management for students). Human Resources and/or Enrollment Management will work with IT on such requests.

There are also occasions when customers affiliated with the University other than those identified above may also obtain UMass Boston email accounts. Examples of such cases are:

In such cases where these customers are not included in the official campus HR and/or Student systems of record, and they require a UMass Boston email account, the department head or department chair with responsibility for such customers and the related programs, projects, research, initiatives, etc. must make a formal request to IT that includes:

Such requests are reviewed with other departmental areas (e.g., Human Resources, Enrollment Management) as appropriate and are approved by the Chief Information Officer or appropriate designee.