Email Account Deactivation and Removal


This policy is designed to formalize the deactivation and removal of email accounts at UMass Boston.

Policy Statement

In order to reduce unneeded overhead, IT periodically removes email accounts from its systems. IT encourage customers (e.g., faculty, staff, students) to request the removal of accounts which they no longer need. Occasionally accounts will be removed for a cause (e.g., in response to violations of the UMass Boston Acceptable Use Policy). Accounts removed by request of the customer who holds the account, or for any other cause, are normally taken off the system within a day. In addition, IT will remove accounts when:

In these cases, the account removal process proceeds in three stages.

At each stage of the process, customers are welcome to communicate with staff at the Help Desk to resolve misunderstandings or to correct errors.

There are also occasions when, based on the affiliation a customer has with the University (e.g., seasonal employee, retiree), accounts will remain active despite extended durations of inactivity (e.g., more than six months). Formal requests for such exceptions are made to HR for employees (and the like) or EM for students (and the like), which in turn will work with IT on maintaining such accounts.