Information Technology

Service Level Agreement

Here are the terms of the agreement between the Information Technology Services Division and our customers—current faculty and staff members and active students. The agreement specifies which information technology (IT) services the division performs and for which users, as well as the limits of the services we offer and the users who may receive them.

We also honor the University of Massachusetts Computing Awareness and Data Security Compliance Statements.


Information Technology Services provides IT services and support (installation, problem solving, repair, and upgrade) to the University of Massachusetts Boston Community (UMass Boston), which includes current faculty and staff members and active students, with certain exceptions. (See Supported Users and Limits.)

The Information Technology Services Division and the UMass Boston user community agree to work together with mutual respect and courtesy.

  • IT Service Desk
  • Supported Users and Limits
  • Supported Hardware and Software and Limits
  • Recommended Hardware
  • Backups and Data Loss

IT Service Desk (617.287.5220 or

When you have problems or questions, call the IT Service Desk. It is your first point of contact with the Information Technology Services Division. The goal of the IT Service Desk is to answer your IT questions and solve your IT problems. We welcome all inquiries.

Contact the IT Service Desk (formerly known as Helpdesk) at 617.287.5220, or send an email to, or visit the IT Service Desk on the third floor of the Healey Library on campus (mail drop: 090-03-007). with requests, problems, and questions about:

  • Departmental moves
  • Installation of computers on the UMass Boston network
  • IT consultation
  • Network
  • Passwords
  • Software and hardware
  • Telecommunications

The IT Service Desk will try to answer your questions about buying a computer and computer accessories. You are responsible for backing up the data on your PC. See Backups and Data Loss.
The IT Service Desk handles your requests for assistance according to an assigned priority and staff availability.

Hours of Support Availability

The IT Service Desk is staffed Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The desktop consultants, who can visit your location are available:
Monday–Friday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

To contact the IT Service Desk, email or call 617.287.5220


The IT Service Desk answers only questions about university-sanctioned standard software and hardware.

Here are things the IT Service Desk doesn’t or can’t do:

  • The IT Service Desk does not install software that is licensed to the university on student-owned computers.
  • If a third party (for example, a vendor, student, or private consultant) installed software on your computer and did not to give you a legal copy of the installed software, the IT Service Desk can not assist you. To resolve the problem, consult the person who originally installed the software or purchase a legal copy of the software.
  • The IT Service Desk will not load unlicensed copies of software on to your machine.

Supported Users and Limits

The IT Service Desk supports:

  • Current faculty.
  • Current staff.
  • Active students.
  • Retired faculty members, who may use their UMass Boston email accounts for life.
    The IT Service Desk supports these email accounts but no other software or hardware.
  • Staff members who have been laid off and retained their email account.
    The IT Service Desk supports these email accounts but no other software or hardware.

The IT Service Desk does not support:

  • Students who are no longer active.
  • Home networks even if the computer belongs to the university.

Supported Hardware and Software and Limits

The IT Service Desk supports only computers that are connected to the campus network and that belong to university departments and other official university entities.

The IT Service Desk does not service computers belonging to individuals.

The IT Service Desk supports the following:

  • Software Applications
  • Anti-Virus Software
  • Software Updates
  • Operating Systems
  • Email Clients
  • Hardware
  • Wireless

Software Applications

The IT Service Desk supports:

  • Microsoft Office versions 2007 & 2010 for Windows
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
  • Microsoft Office versions 2008 & 2011 for Macintosh
  • Publisher, VISIO & Project 2010  for Windows
  • Web Expression (replaces FrontPage) for Windows
  • Visual Studio Basic .NET  2010 for Windows
  • SPSS—The license is perpetual
  • AMOS—The license is perpetual

These software titles are available through Need CD for installation on staff and faculty computers used for university activities. Email your request to

Anti-Virus Software

The IT Service Desk installs and supports McAfee virus protection software from our server only on computers owned by the university and used on the campus network. We neither install nor support McAfee virus protection software on computers that are owned by university personnel but used at home, even for university business. (These are not covered by our license.) Customers must supply a virus protection program for that computer.

The Information Technology Services Division strongly recommends that all computers have anti-virus software installed and that it be kept up to date. Computers without anti-virus software are not allowed on the campus network.

Update Software

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) must be installed on all computers on the campus network. There are no exceptions. This software loads antivirus updates on the user’s computer without user intervention. This system is still being deployed.

Updating your Windows Operating System

When you receive your computer, its Windows operating system and Microsoft Office application contain the latest updates. After that, you must update the operating system and applications yourself. To do so, in your Windows Internet Explorer (your web browser), on the menu bar, select Tools > Windows Update and follow the prompts.

Updating your Microsoft Office Applications

  1. In your Windows Internet Explorer, go to

Microsoft Office Online appears. In the upper right of the window, "Office Update" is displayed.

  1. Click Check for Updates and follow the prompts.

Operating Systems

The IT Service Desk supports:

  • Windows 7 & XP Professional
  • Macintosh OS 10.x

Email Clients

The IT Service Desk supports the following email clients:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2000, XP, 2003
  • Microsoft Outlook Web Access (faculty and staff only)
  • Microsoft Entourage

The IT Service Desk provides limited support for the following email clients. That is, we will supply you only with the server settings that you need in order to use those mail systems off campus:

  • Netscape
  • Eudora
  • Pegasus
  • Mozilla


The IT Service Desk primarily supports Dell and Apple computers. It also supports PC name brands that have been purchased by the university. Help Desk PC hardware service technicians will work only on Dell and Apple computers owned by the university and on university-owned printers, scanners, and faxes.


The IT Service Desk will help you connect to the wireless network on campus.

Table of IT Service Desk Supported Hardware and Software

  Licensed Software University-Owned Hardware Personally-Owned Hardware Email
Faculty Yes Yes Yes Yes
Staff Yes Yes No Yes
Graduate Student No Yes No Yes
Undergraduate No No No Yes

Table of IT Service Desk-Desk Supported Hardware and Software

  Faculty Staff Graduate Student Undergraduate
Scanners Yes Yes No No
Laptops Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personal computers Yes Yes Yes Yes
PDAs Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blackberries* Yes Yes No No
Printers Yes Yes No No
Other** Yes Yes Yes No

* University-issued
** University-owned computer equipment

Recommended Hardware

We recommend the following for computers running the Windows 2000: Professional Edition or
Windows XP Professional operating system:

Minimum Requirements:

Pentium IV processor
256 MB of memory
40 GB hard disk
CD-R drive
17” monitor
56K modem (if using Dial-Up)
Network/Ethernet card (10/100mb)
2 USB ports
Windows XP Pro*

Recommended Configuration:

Pentium IV processor
1 GB of memory
80 GB hard disk
DVD-R drive
19” flat panel monitor
56K modem (if using dial-up)
Network/Ethernet card (100/Gigabit)
6 USB ports
Windows XP Pro*
Digital video adapter

*Antivirus software is recommended for this operating system.

Backups and Data Loss


You are responsible for backing up the data on your PC.


The IT Service Desk is not responsible for data lost during service it performs on your computer.


Please back up your data before sending your PC to be serviced by the IT Service Desk.


The IT Service Desk will provide advice on backup strategies and will publish recommendations
for backing up your computer.

[Revised 9-12-05]