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Teaching, Learning and Research Computing

IT Services supports a variety of services to faculty and students to further the University's academic and research missions, including classroom support, learning management, and research support.

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Services and Support

These general offerings provide services ranging from computer sales to television to the IT Service Desk..

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Accounts, Identity and Security

These services provide the University with ways of uniquely identifying members of the University (electronically and via identity cards), and methods for controlling access to services using passwords and group restrictions. Additionally, ITS operates a central IT Security group to protect the University's networks and machines from malicious computer attacks and network harassment..

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Business Systems, Campus Applications and Databases

In collaboration with key business owners and stakeholders IT Services delivers the core administrative systems and applications for the University. These system support key functional units such as Admissions and Financial Aid, Research Administration, Campus and Student Life, Financial Services, Human Resources, etc. The core administrative areas, and the major applications in those areas, are listed below.

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Email and Collaboration Tools

IT Services provides a number of ways for members of the University to collaborate with each other and with people from other institutions, ranging from email to conferencing to file sharing.

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Data Center, Networking, Connectivity and Phones

University members can leverage these services for telephone, mobility, and network connections, both on-campus and off-campus.

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