Information Technology

Mobile Classroom


The mobile classroom is a transportable cart that consists of 25-50 wireless laptops that can be delivered to your classroom for a maximum of four times during the semester.  For additional information go to

Things to remember when requesting the mobile classroom:

  • Do you require use of the computers for more than four dates?
  • Is there an active Ethernet jack available in the classroom?
  • There is a setup time of 1/2 hour, is the classroom available before your class?

Answers you need to supply when requesting the mobile classroom:

  • How many laptops do you need for your class?
  • Where is your class being held?

Parent Service


Faculty, Staff


Monday thru Thursday, 10:00am(EST)-9:00pm(EST)
Friday, 10:00am(EST)-4:15pm(EST)


Must request one week in advance to insure availability.  Staff will deliver, setup, and troubleshoot equipment while in use by your class.


You can submit your request via the lab reservation form at or by sending an email to