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Personal Response System - iClickers


What are iClickers?

iClickers are easy-to-use hand-held remote devices with buttons that students use to answer multiple choice questions posed by their instructors. iClickers are also sometimes referred to as classroom response systems or personal response systems. The iClicker system collects all of the student responses and delivers them to the instructor via the iClicker receiver attached to the instructor’s computer. A graphical/statistical distribution of the voting results can be shared with the students via  the classroom projection screen.

What do I need to use iClickers?

  •     A classroom equipped with a computer and projector
  •     iClicker base/receiver*
  •     iClicker software (a free download at, available in Mac and PC format. Select Downloads from the Support menu)
  •     Instructor remote (optional)
  •     Students with iClicker remotes (purchased individually from the campus bookstore)*

*To borrow an iClicker base, contact Media Services at 617-287-5960. iClicker bases/receivers are also available in several of the TEC 2 classrooms.

*Instructors must order iClicker remotes for their students ahead of time from the campus bookstore where they may be purchased by students along with required texts for courses.

How do I use iClicker?

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Getting started with iClicker

The iClicker Instructor User Guide is available visiting the iClicker website and clicking on Support > User Guides link.

Linking Students to iClicker Remotes for Instructors  

Students may start voting with their iClicker remotes on the first day of class. iClicker keeps track of individual student voting data via the ClickerID printed on the back of each remote.

If you wish to record voting data for individual students for a class participation points or a grade, you must link student names/student ID information to their remotes. There are three different options for linking students to their remotes, dependent on class size and use of Blackboard;


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(for Students)

A.) Roll-call for small class sizes (under 50 students)


B.) Larger class sizes (over 50 students)


C.) Blackboard classes


You will be able to link student remotes to student names from a roster or the Blackboard grade book for options B and C provided the students have;

1.) used their remotes to vote at least once in the classroom and,

2.) have registered their iClicker remotes at, by clicking the Register Your Clicker button.

a. Students in classes not using Blackboard need to enter their Student ID in the Student ID box.

b. Students in classes using Blackboard need to enter their UMass Boston Blackboard/Email User Name in the Student ID box.

NOTE: It is recommended that you link student names to their remotes after the add/drop period has ended so that your roster will be up to date.

Grading and Viewing Results

Common Issues

  • The iClicker remote screen reports there is "No Base" when a student tries to vote

    The student needs to change the frequency setting on their iClicker remote to the one the instructor is using. If your instructor hasn't changed the frequency on the base, the default frequency is AA. You'll want to check in with your instructor to see if s/he has changed it.

    View Instructions for changing the frequency on the iClicker remote, for students.

  • A student is unable to register his/her iClicker remote because the iClicker ID is no longer visible.

    View Instructions for How to retrieve your iClicker ID.

Parent Service


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*To borrow an iClicker base, contact Media Services at 617-287-5960. iClicker bases/receivers are also available in several of the TEC 2 classrooms.
Questions about iClicker may be directed to Theresa Miller by email at or phone at at 617-287-5208.