How to Log into WISER for the First Time

Before you begin

You log in to WISER with your UMass Boston campus email username (the part of your email address before the @ sign) and password. If you don't know your email address, you can look it up using the Campus Email Lookup Tool.

Screen capture of My UMass menuIf you have not yet set up your email account, follow the steps here:

Log in to WISER

Open your web browser and navigate to the WISER home page, (You can use this link or click "WISER" in the MyUMass menu at the top of the home page.) The WISER page will appear with links for students, faculty or staff. Important: Do not set any of these sign-in pages as a bookmark or favorite. Bookmark only the WISER home page.

Image of WISER login screen

Enter your UMass Boston email username (do not include and password, choose "Boston" from the Campus dropdown menu, and click Login. The WISER application will open.

If you are a student, in the menu at the top, click Self Service, then click Student Center. For help using WISER, see WISER Help for Students.

If you are a faculty member, in the menu at the top, click Self Service, click Faculty Center, then click My Schedule. For help using WISER, see WISER Help for Faculty.

If you are a staff member, use the appropriate links at the top for the page you wish to use. WISER Help for Staff.

Important: When you are finished with WISER, be sure to sign out in order to protect your personal information. The Sign off button is in the upper right corner of the WISER page.