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The William Joiner Institute for the Study of War and Social Consequences offers an inclusive setting to objectively facilitate the sharing of ideas, debating of concepts, and discussions of past, present and future topics related to conflicts, military service and sacrifice. As an Institute at a public university, our events, research and service to veterans, their families or others impacted by war or military service strive to support all points of view, without exception.



The William Joiner Institute is named after William (Bill) Gilbert Joiner Jr., an African American veteran who served as UMass Boston's first Director of Veterans Affairs. Born in Lawrenceville Illinois in 1942, Joiner went on to serve in the Army during the volatile Vietnam era. After leaving the military, he witnessed the difficulties many Vietnam veterans were experiencing as they returned home and attempted to transition back into society. William Joiner faithfully served these veterans until his untimely death in 1981 from liver cancer. His early death is associated with exposure to Agent Orange while stationed in Guam. He was 39 years old. William Joiner is listed in the "In Memory Honor Roll" by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. (William Joiner Jr. service photo courtesy of the U.S. Army and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund)



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