Tamziq Project

Tamziq Project

Tamziq Project is a collaboration between the William Joiner Institute at the University of Massachusetts Boston and the Odysseus Project.

About the Project

The number of Iraqi refugees resettled in the United States has grown from only 202 in 2006 to approximately 84,902 in fiscal year 2013. This group now forms the largest refugee population in the state of Massachusetts.

At the same time that a growing number of refugees are resettling in Massachusetts, a large number of veterans are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The collaboration between the William Joiner Institute and the Odysseus Project recognizes the increasing need for dialogue and exchange with and within these communities and a further need to broaden understanding of the cultural influences on our changing communities. This project seeks to create an opportunity for exploration and conversation about the impact of war on the communities and cultures of Iraqi and other Arabic refugees; the impact on education; and the related topics of gender, human rights, story-telling and differences between American and Arabic perspectives.

Click here for Iraqi Refugee information from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (as of April 2013)

For more information, contact: project.odysseus@gmail.com