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Theodore D. Parker Award


Theodore D. Parker Award For Outstanding Service to the Veteran Community

Presented each year at the annual Veterans Day Dinner since 2010, the award is named for Theodore D. Parker (1958-1984), a student enrolled in the university's Veterans Upward Bound Program which served as a re-entry vehicle providing counseling and prep courses for veterans leaving military service and entering the radically different milieu of a university.  Just beginning his university career Theodore was tragically and brutally murdered in his neighborhood in Dorchester in a random act of street violence. This award is given in his memory to a person, veteran or not, who has given outstanding service and aid to the greater community of veterans.

All Theodore D. Parker Award Recipients

2010 Ernest E. Washington, Jr.

2011 Marybeth A. O'Sullivan

2012 Carol DeSouza

2013 Jaime Rodriguez & Paul R. Camacho (2 awards)

2014 Paul L. Atwood 

2015 Kevin Bowen

2016 Barry Brodsky

2017 Giselle Sterling

2018 Ron E. Armstead

2019 Wayne F. Smith

2020 Augusto St. Silva

2021 Thomas Kane

2022 Tom Murphy


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