Top Honors

Manda Lynne Kindle (Rhode Island College) Tutoring Down the Rabbit Hole: The Inner-City Classroom, and What I Found There

Jose Luiz Prado-Filho (University of Massachusetts Boston) Goodrich et al. v. Department of Public Health et al.: The Role of Litigation in the Struggle for Same-Sex Marriage

Eugenia Trabucchi (Lesley University) Rape Warfare

Honorable Mentions

Jessica Gama (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth) 'Without Ever Leaving the Ground, She Could Fly': Ecofeminism and Soul Fulfillment in Toni Morrison's Pilate

Lydia Grinnell (University of Massachusetts Boston) Knights of the Rail

Marie Nelson (University of New Hampshire) Inescapable Past

Friday Onyeoziri (Massasoit Community College) Olaudah Equino: Facts about his People, and Place of Birth

Mia Parviainen (University of Massachusetts Lowell) The Experiences of Women in Computer Science: The Importance of Awareness and Communication

Kingston-Mann Student Achievement Awards

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