Carys Davies (Lesley University) Ethical Issues Regarding Gentrification and Displacement

Lisa Edmonds (Massasoit Community College) Three Southern Ladies

Eric Jonas (University of Massachusetts Boston) One Dimensional Woman: Towards a Marcusian Theory of Gender

Cornelia Photopoulos (University of Massachusetts Boston) The scarlet woman and the pretty boy: how clothing is used in The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man and Quicksand to construct identity and delineate social roles

Honorable Mentions

Sarath Chan (Rhode Island College) Effects of Dropping Out of High School for Young Girls in Providence, RI

Wendy Evans (University of Massachusetts Lowell) Recognizing Grammatical Diversity in Student Writing

Yekaterina Filippova (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth) The Impact of Immigration on the Structure of Dominican Families

Brittney Nichols (Emmanuel College) Womanist Theology

Melanie Schmitt (University of Massachusetts Boston) Living in Two Worlds

Kingston-Mann Student Achievement Awards

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