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The Center for Collaborative Leadership - Bringing Leaders Together

The Center for Collaborative Leadership was established in 2001 in the College of Management at the University of Massachusetts Boston. We challenge and inspire you to act collaboratively, identify and rethink boundaries, build purposeful relationships, and be a better citizen and leader. The center has more than 15 years of experience convening future leaders from the corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors and immersing them in the collaborative leadership model - a process built on teamwork, trust, and respect for diversity of thought. 

A marquee offering of the center is the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP). The ELP brings 45 - 50 rising leaders from the corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors together each year. Fellows learn to build leadership capacity for their respective organizations through 90+ hours of interactive skill sessions, path to leadership speakers, and team projects.

In addition, the center developed Custom In House Leadership Development Programs, in which we provide customized leadership development training modules to fit your organization's needs. The program is designed to engage employees from across the organization to build comradery, teamwork, open dialogue, and a collaborative work environment. 

Contact us to find out how you can help your organization achieve better business results through collaborative and inclusive leadership. 

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