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Hello, Anthropology alumni! We hope your lives after graduating from UMass Boston have been interesting and fulfilling. We also hope your time with us in the Anthropology Department helped you to develop skills, perspectives, or knowledge that have brought you success in your job, home, personal life, and community. We would be thrilled to hear from you and to know how you are faring. Please drop us a line at with some updates, including your current contact information, or reach out to a past professor to keep up your connections. Soon, we will use the “Alumni” space on our website to showcase some of our graduates, both recent and not-so-recent. We want our current students (and faculty!) to hear from and about you. You may have graduated, but you are not forgotten. 

Please be sure to check our Facebook page for occasional updates about us, or keep an eye on our “UMB Archaeology” Instagram to track what our archaeologists and graduate program are often doing. Over the past few years, we have hired new professors, bid farewell to some administrative staff, completely transformed the department office, acquired many brand-new archaeology labs, offered brand new courses, and launched new research projects. Check us out!


***NEW*** The Anthropology Alumnx Series

Conducted as a series of interviews in 2021, this web series is a chance for our alumnx to share their stories with current and future UMB Anthropology students. These eight alumnx share their experiences of what it was like for them when they were Anthropology students at UMB, offer advice for current and prospective students, discuss what their careers are now, and how Anthropology has shaped their lives as scholars, professionals, and people.

Check it out on the Department's YouTube Channel


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