UMass Boston

Cross-Registration with Mass Art

State institutions in the Boston area permit cross-registration at participating schools. Students who are enrolled full-time at their home institution and therefore paying full-time tuition and fees may cross-register for one or two courses without incurring additional fees.  These students receive the credit and grade on their home-institution record.

Students at UMass Boston can take courses in the daytime program at the Massachusetts College of Art (MassArt). To be eligible, UMass Boston students must be enrolled in a degree program and select courses in specialties not offered here. Students at UMass Boston and particularly art majors regularly take advantage of this program, taking courses in ceramics, glassblowing, foundry, and graphic design, which are not offered in the department’s curriculum. 

Students interested in cross-registration with MassArt should note certain restrictions. Not all MassArt courses will count toward the Art & Art History major at UMass Boston: Specialized design courses generally count for elective credit only, and certain pre-professional programs such as interior design or fashion design are available for enrichment only and do not receive credit at UMass Boston. The restriction on taking courses available at the home institution does not apply if UMass students take courses through MassArt’s Continuing Education program.  UMass Boston students often enroll in these courses during the summer and sometimes in the nighttime program in the academic year, which are then treated like any other transfer course at UMass Boston. Approval for all these courses for both Cross Registration and Continuing Education must be obtained from the Art & Art History Department.

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