UMass Boston

Beyond the Classroom

There are many options and opportunities for you to study overseas!

There are also opportunities for funding, including the full use of your FAFSA Pell grant, to cover living expenses while overseas. These opportunities depend a great deal on the circumstances of individual students. Interested students should contact the Study Abroad Office in the Office of Global Programs to explore funding opportunities and university partners ( ).

Part of the study abroad process and before a student studies abroad, you will need to visit the financial aid office at UMass Boston, part of whose job it is to make sure each student has sufficient funds to support them. Students should also try to find information about what courses are available at these institutions, choose some particular courses, and if possible reach a prior written agreement with appropriate faculty at UMass Boston as to what kind of credit will be transferred to UMass Boston on their return. This is accomplished by completing the "Request For Prior Approval of Transfer Credit of Study Abroad Programs" form which is obtained in the Office of Global Programs.