UMass Boston

Requirements (Teaching Spanish)

  • BA in Spanish or related field (such as Latin American Studies) and/or master’s degree in education
  • Advanced written and oral competency in Spanish. Candidates without a BA in Spanish will have to pass an oral/written entrance exam and will be expected to have completed university-level work equivalent to senior year in a North American university. (This applies to individuals who have degrees from, or have studied at, universities outside the United States whose academic requirements are different from our own.)
  • Non-matriculated students have the option of taking two courses in the program prior to completing an application for acceptance into the program.

Education (one required)
EDC G 689 Teacher Research

Hispanic Studies (four required; fifth course may be chosen with advisor’s consent)

SPAN 501 Theories, Methods, and Practices in the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language
SPAN 502 Technology for the Spanish Language Classroom
SPAN 503 Perspectives on the Spanish-Speaking World
SPAN 512 Assessing Foreign Language Learners of Spanish
SPAN 515 Latin American Film for the Spanish Language Classroom
SPAN 516 Cities of Lights and Shadows: Urban Experiences in Latin America
SPAN 520 A Linguistic Perspective on Variations in the Spanish Language
SPAN 530 Don Quixote
SPAN 532 Latin American Popular Culture
SPAN 540 Caribbean Borders: Literature and Identity in the Hispanic Caribbean
SPAN 550 Spain: Between Past and Future