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Radden, Jennifer (2020) The Nature of Melancholy - From Aristotle to Kristeva Oxford University Press.

Levine, Steven (2019) Pragmatism, Objectivity, and Experience. Cambridge University Press. 


Past notable: 

Radden, Jennifer (2016) Melancholic Habits: Burton's Anatomy & the Mind Sciences. Oxford University Press.

Zurn, C. (2016) “Democratic Constitutional Change: Assessing Institutional Possibilities,” in Democratizing Constitutional Law: Perspectives on Legal Theory & the Legitimacy of Constitutionalism by Bustamante & Fernandes (eds.), 185-212.
Zurn, C. (2016) “The Ends of Economic History: Alternative Teleologies and the Ambiguities of Normative Reconstruction,” in Die Philosophie des Marktes – The Philosophy of the Market, by Schmidt am Busch (ed), 289-323.
Brincker, M. (2016) Dynamics of Perceptible Agency: the case of social robots. Minds and Machines, p.1-26.
Bromwich, D. (2016) “Motivational Internalism and the Challenge of Amoralism” European Journal of Philosophy
Zurn, C. (2015) Axel Honneth. Polity Press.
Kaye, L. (2015) Kant’s Transcendental Deduction of the Categories: Unity, Representation and Apperception, Lexington Books.
Brincker, M. (2015) Beyond sensorimotor segregation: mirror neurons and social affordance space tracking. Cognitive Systems Research.
Steven Levine (2015) “William James: The Phenomenological Reading,” in The Oxford Handbook of William James, ed. Alex Klein, Oxford University Press.
Levine, S. (2015) “Rorty and Davidson,” in The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Rorty, ed. A. Malachowski, Wiley-Blackwell Press.
Brincker, M (2015) "Evolution Beyond Determinism: On Dennett’s Compatibilism and the Too Timeless Free Will Debate." Journal of Cognition and Neuroethics 3 (1): 39–74.
Brincker, M. (2015) "The Aesthetic Stance - on the conditions & consequences of becoming a beholder" in Aesthetics & the Embodied Mind: Beyond Art Theory & the Cartesian Mind-Body Dichotomy, by A. Scarinzi (ed.)
Rivera, L. (2014) “Captivity and Coercion.” The Ethics of Captivity, Lori Gruen, ed., Oxford University Press.
Wanderer, J. (2014). Epistemic Authority: A Theory of Trust, Authority, and Autonomy in Belief. International Journal of Philosophical Studies 22 (5):771-775.
Brincker, M. (2014) "Navigating beyond 'here & now' affordances - on sensorimotor maturation and false belief tests". Frontiers in Psychology. 5:1433.
Silver, M. (2014) The Veterans of History: A Young Person’s History of the Jews, Boston Workmen's Circle Center for Jewish Culture & Social Justice.
Zurn, C. (2014) “Bringing Discursive Ideals to Legal Facts: On Baxter on Habermas” Philosophy & Social Criticism, Vol. 40, #2, 195-203.

Blum, L. (2014) “Racial and Other Asymmetries: A Problem for the Protected Categories Framework for Antidiscrimination Thought,” in Philosophical Foundations of Discrimination Law, ed. by Moreau & Hellman, Oxford University Press: 182-199

Zabel, G. (2014) "Through the Looking Glass: Philosophical Reflections on the Art of Virtual Worlds." in The Oxford Handbook of Virtuality
Blum, L. (2014) “False Symmetries in Far From Heaven and Elsewhere,” in Susan Wolf and Christopher Grau (eds.), Understanding Love Through Philosophy, Film, and Fiction (Oxford University Press, 2014): 37-59
Bromwich, D. & Millum, J. (2013) “Disclosure and Consent to Medical Research Participation” Journal of Moral Philosophy.
Lande, N. P. (2013). Classical Logic and Its Rabbit-Holes: A First Course. Hackett Publishing.
Blum, L. (2013) “Political Identity and Moral Education: A Response to Jonathan Haidt’s The Righteous Mind,” Journal of Moral Education, 42:3, 298-315.
Brincker, M., & Torres, E. B. (2013) Noise from the Periphery in Autism. Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience, 7, 34.
Torres, E. B., Brincker, M., Isenhower, R. W., Yanovich, P., Stigler, K. A., Nurnberger, J. I., ... & Jose, J. V. (2013). "Autism: the micro-movement perspective." Front Integr Neurosci. 7, 34
Wanderer, J. (2013) ‘Testimony and the Interpersonal’, International Journal of Philosophical Studies 21(1): 92-110.
Wanderer, J. (2013) ‘Anscombe’s ‘Teachers’’, Journal of Philosophy of Education 47(2): 204-221.
Zurn, C. (2013) “Political Civility: Another Idealistic Illusion.” Public Affairs Quarterly, Vol. 27, # 4, 341-368.
Blum, Lawrence (2013) “Benevolence,” International Encyclopedia of Ethics (ed. LaFollette) Wiley-Blackwell, online.
Tirrell, L. (2012) “Apologizing for Atrocity: Rwanda and Recognition,” in Justice, Responsibility and Reconciliation in the Wake of Conflict, Alice MacLaughlan & Allen Speight, eds. (NY: Springer), pp. 172-201.
Wanderer, J. & Townsend, L. (2013) ‘Is it rational to trust?’ Philosophy Compass 8(1): 1-13.
Zurn, C. (2012) “Misrecognition, Marriage and Derecognition,” in Recognition Theory as Social Research: Investigating the Dynamics of Social Conflict, ed. O’Neill & Smith (Palgrave Macmillan), 63-86
Blum, L. (2012) “Five Things High School Students Should Know About Race,” Harvard Education Letter, Nov/Dec 2012 (2 pp) [awarded "special citation" by Education Writers Association for education writing]
Blum, L. (2012) “Solidarity, Equality, and Diversity as Educational Values in Western Multi-ethnic Societies,” Johansson, E., & Berthelsen D. (Eds.) Spaces for Solidarity & Individualism in Educational Contexts. Göteborg Studies in Educational Sciences, no 318: 33-48
Tirrell, L. (2012) “Genocidal Language Games,” in Speech and Harm: Controversies over Free Speech, Ishani Maitra and Mary Kate McGowan, eds. (Oxford: Oxford University Press), pp.174-221.
Wanderer, J. (2012) ‘On the Legendary Beginnings of a Style of Thinking’ Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 43: 640-648
Blum, L. (2012) “Moral Asymmetry: A Problem for the Protected Categories Approach,” Lewis and Clark Law Review, vol 16:2, 101-109
Bromwich, D. (2012) “Plenty to Worry About: Consent, Control and Anxiety” commentary in American Journal of Bioethics 12:3, 35-36.
Brincker, M. (2012) “If the motor system is no mirror...". in Payette, N. (Eds.) Connected Minds: Cognition and Interaction in the Social World. Newcastle, U.K.: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
Blum. L. (2012) “Moral Asymmetry: A Problem for the Protected Categories Approach,” Lewis and Clark Law Review, vol 16:2: 101-109
Bromwich, D. (2011) “How Not to Argue for Motivational Internalism” in T. Brooks (ed.) New Waves in Ethics Palgrave MacMillan, 64-87.
Zurn, C. (2011) “Social Pathologies as Second-Order Disorders,” in Axel Honneth: Critical Essays: With a Reply by Axel Honneth, edited by Danielle Petherbridge (Brill Academic Publishers, Leiden, 345-370.
Rivera, Lisa (2011) “Armed Conflict: Effect on Women,” Encyclopedia of Global Justice, Deen Chatterjee, ed., Springer.
Rivera, Lisa (2011) “Subsistence Rights,” Encyclopedia of Global Justice, Deen Chatterjee, ed, Springer
Levine, S. (2011) "Truth and Moral Validity: Habermas’ Domesticated Pragmatism," Constellations, Vol. 18: 2, June 2011.
Rivera, Lisa (2011) “Harmful Beneficence,” Journal of Moral Philosophy, 8, 195-220.
Zabel, G. (2011) "Ernst Bloch: Musica, Esperanza y Utopia," in Musica y Politica, Folios, Year 4, no. 23, Jalisco, Mexico


Lynne Tirrell: "Post-Genocidal Discursive Reconstruction: How to stop playing genocidal language games." Tufts University, December 5, 2014.
Chris Zurn: “Democratic Constitutional Change: Institutional Possibilities,” Invited talk given to Symposium on the Legitimacy of Judicial Review and Constitutional Interpretation, Law School of Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil (November 2014)
Torres & Brincker presented a Theory Lunch 'chalk talk' on autism and the role of peripheral 'micro-movement feedback at the Department of Systems Biology at the Harvard Medical School. April 4, 2014.
Larry Blum gave a talk called "Affirmative action, Diversity, and Racial Justice: Reflections from a diverse, non-elite university" at Northeastern, March 24, 2014.
Lynne Tirrell gave called "Genocidal Language Games & Post-conflict recovery" as part of the Philosophy colloquium at Boston University on March 21, 2014.
Chris Zurn: “The Ends of Economic History: Alternative Teleologies and the Ambiguities of Normative Reconstruction,” Invited paper for Internationale Tagung: Die Philosophie des Marktes (The Philosophy of Markets), Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany (February 14, 2014).
Maria Brincker: “Mirror neurons in context - on affordances & evolving frameworks”. Invited talk at the Center for Embodied Cognition at Stony Brook University. February 27, 2014.
Steven Levine: “Prehistory of the Given: James and Lewis,” Society for the Study of the History of Analytical Philosophy, Central APA, Chicago, February 2014.
Steven Levine: “Hegel, Habit, and Final Ends,” Response to Terry Pinkard’s Hegel’s Naturalism: Mind, Nature, and the Final Ends of Life, author-meets-critics session, Eastern APA, Baltimore, December 2013.
Maria Brincker has collaborated with Rutgers neuroscientist Elizabeth Torres and others on a new approach to autism, work which received a great deal of media attention. (Incomplete list of media coverage can be found here).
Larry Blum talks about race and the next generation on WYPR radio (Link to Podcast) and about teaching issues of race on Harvard Education broadcast (Link), both in connection with the publication of his new book High Schools, Race, and America's Future: What Students Can Teach Us About Morality, Diversity, and Community. See also Boston Review write-up.
Danielle Bromwich,“Research Ethics: Risk and Consent”, talk at the Department of Ethics, Equity, Trade and Human Rights, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland (with Annette Rid). February 2012. (See image below.)
Maria Brincker, TEDx talk on the role of context in biology & psychology (CooperUnion write-up). April 2012.
Mickaella Perina, "Transnational Citizenship: International Mobility and Contemporary Political Membership in a World of States", talk at Northeastern Workshop in Applied Philosophy - Global Justice and Ethics of Exclusion. October 2012.
Christopher Zurn, "The Promise and Perils of Civil Discourse in Pluralistic Democracies" talk at Boston College, Contemporary Philosophy Workshop. October 2012.
Lisa Rivera: "Gender Disparities in Philosophy: Do We Need to Know Why to Know What to Do?" Philosophy Department, Yale University, April 2012.
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