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Recent Research and Publications



Andrés Henao Castro

Antigone in the Americas: Democracy, Sexuality, and Death in the Settler Colonial Present

SUNY Press, 2021



Shuai Jin and Joseph Zhou Yingnan

An Authoritarian Undercurrent in the Postmaterialist Tide: The Rise of Authoritarianism Among the Younger Generation in China.

Social Science Quarterly 102(1): 90–106. 2021 



Leila Farsakh (Co-Editor with Bashir Bashir)

The Arab and Jewish Questions: Geographies of Engagement in Palestine and Beyond

Columbia University Press, 2020



Michelle Jurkovich

Feeding The Hungry: Advocacy And Blame In The Global Fight Against Hunger

Cornell University Press, 2020



Joseph M. Brown

Force of Words: The Logic of Terrorist Threats

Columbia University Press, 2020



C. Heike Schotten

Queer Terror

Columbia University Press, 2018


Luis Jimenez

Migrants and Political Change in Latin America

University of Florida Press, 2018



Leila Farsakh

Palestinian labor migration to Israel: Labor, Land and Occupation

Routledge Press, second edition 2012

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Paul Kowert and (co-edited with Vaughn P. Shannon)

Psychology and Constructivism in International Relations: An Ideational Alliance

University of Michigan Press, 2011



C. Heike Schotten 

Nietzsche's Revolution: Decadence, Politics, and Sexuality 

New York: Palgrave, 2009




Erin O'Brien, David A. Dulio, and John S. Klemanski 

Diversity in Contemporary American Politics and Government

Pearson Longman, 2009

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Erin O'Brien 

The Politics of Identity: Solidarity Building among America’s Working Poor

State University of New York Press, 2008