UMass Boston

About the Department

We are inspired by feminist movements for social justice locally, nationally and globally. Our faculty strive to provide students with the tools to analyze and articulate relationships among systems of structural inequality, including those based on sex/gender, race/ethnicity, class, sexuality, religion and nation. We aim to stimulate students’ personal and intellectual growth, political engagement and social action. We also work to facilitate intellectual, curricular and programmatic exchanges and innovations on campus and beyond.

We support our students to:

  1. Demonstrate fluency in a critical gender and feminist vocabulary;
  2. Show awareness of and be able to question normative assumptions and conceptual frameworks;
  3. Produce an essay that effectively synthesizes secondary sources (i.e., literature review);
  4. Write a clear, coherent evidence-based argument;
  5. Assess a social change activity or organization as well as their individual participation in such an activity/organization; or develop a self-assessment of - or reflection on - the research and writing process