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Archived Newsletters 

  • April 2023 McCormack Newsletter: Actively Engaged Seeking Solutions 
  • January 2023 McCormack Newsletter: McCormack’s Public Affairs and Policy Education Evolution: A History
  • November 2022 McCormack Newsletter: Looking Ahead to a Pivotal Academic Year of Public Service Education
  • July 2022 McCormack Newsletter: Growing the Cohort of McCormack Public Servants and Intellectuals: Graduation 2022 (featuring Rep. Jon Santiago)
  • May 2022 McCormack Newsletter: The Role of Public Engagement at McCormack (featuring Dr. Ashish Jha & Ambas. Suka-Mafudze) 
  • October 2021 McCormack Newsletter: Transitions, Continuity, and Change
  • April & May 2021 McCormack Newsletter  
  • February & March 2021 McCormack Newsletter 
  • December 2020 McCormack Newsletter
  • August 2020 McCormack Newsletter
  • May/June 2020 McCormack Newsletter: Turbulent Times Require Hard-headed and Big-hearted Leadership – Gov. Patrick
  • April 2020 McCormack Newsletter: Dogged Determination in the Age of COVID-19 
  • March 2020 McCormack Newsletter: Adapting to a Pandemic While Keeping Focused 
  • February 2020 McCormack Newsletter: Black History Month…and beyond 
  • January 2020 McCormack Newsletter: Celebrating MLK Day