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at the University of Massachusetts Boston


The Healey Library E-Resources site contains a full list of the library’s electronic subscriptions.


The library databases and indexes are an organized and searchable collection of records, which include articles, books, journals, magazines, newspapers and more. This is the best place to search for journal articles on a topic. 


Search for e-books in the Healey Library Catalog by selecting eBooks from the drop down menu under the basic search box. To search a specific collection, see the list of e-book collections. For information about using e-books, see e-book databases and devices.


Browse or search peer-reviewed e-journals by subject, title or ISSN.

E-journals are listed under Titles which is an alphabetical list of electronic books, journals, magazines and newspapers. Search for the journal title (not the article title) to see if Healey Library has a subscription.  Be sure to check the available dates, some e-journals have limited coverage or embargoes.

Streaming Video

These videos are available online and can be watched anytime. Search for all available videos in the Healey Library Catalog by selecting Videorecordings from the drop down menu under the basic search box. To browse a specific collection, see streaming video collections.

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Writing a Paper? Start Here

The Healey Library staff has created research guides to help you in your research process. Search by subject. Read More