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If I am being referred to the Office of Student Conduct, what will happen?
You will receive an email to your UMass Boston account from our office instructing you to make an appointment to meet with a hearing officer. The email will describe the charges and a time frame for setting your hearing. If you fail to set and attend your hearing, a decision can be made in the case without your input. This decision could affect your status as a student.

If I am being charged in court, do I still have to go through the university’s conduct system?
Disciplinary action through the university’s Office of Student Conduct may proceed prior to, simultaneously with, or following civil or criminal proceedings and may not be subject to challenge on the ground that criminal charges involving the same incident have been dismissed or reduced.

Who can I bring to a hearing for support?
Students have the right to bring an advisor to hearings. The advisor must be a member of the university community. However, when related criminal charges are filed and pending, Hearing officers may permit a lawyer as an advisor.

What if the incident happened off campus?
The university has jurisdiction for behavior off campus. So even if it happens off campus, it may still be a violation of the Student Code of Conduct, which will be handled by the Office of Student Conduct.

What if I do not complete an assigned sanction?
Failure to complete assigned sanctions is considered a new violation of the Code of Conduct; Failure to Comply. In some situations, failure to complete sanctions may result in a hold on your record which will stop you from registering for course, suspension or expulsion from the university.

Will potential employers have access to my conduct record?
Your conduct record will only be accessible to them if you provide written permission allowing it. You can download and submit the form to authorize us to release information to third person.

What rights do students have under FERPA? 
FERPA covers the rights of the student to privacy.

As a parent of a UMass Boston student, what do I need to do in order to get information about my students student conduct history?
There are three ways you may legally receive access to your student's education records:

Please remember that an institution is not required to disclose information, and may exercise discretion when doing so.

What if a student is still a minor?
When a student reaches the age of 18, or begins attending a post-secondary institution regardless of age, FERPA rights transfer to the student.

How do I get official forms completed on my behalf from Office of Dean of Students?
Students who are transferring, applying to professional schools, sitting for bar exams, requiring a background check, or needing information communicated to others about their performance may need official forms completed on their behalf. The Office of the Dean of Students may only complete the disciplinary record section of Dean Certification forms or Admission Application forms for students. Click here to download the application.

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